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Recap: Mob Wives Season 3 - Episode 12: Crazy Love

Karen and Love meet for lunch, at lunch Karen reveals she’s going to throw a prenup party. Karen tells Love she wants to throw this party to educate women to protect themselves before getting married. Karen later admits she’s concern that Ramona might think it’s about her when in fact she really had this in mind for quite some time. Love reveals to Karen she’s hurt that Ramona hasn’t told her anything about her soon to be weeding. Karen thinks Ramona might be keeping her weeding plans on a hush hush status since she might not want to hear what everyone has to say. Next we see Ramona talking to her daughters about her must talked about wedding plans. Ramona’s daughters seem to have a good head on their shoulders as they also question why she would get married to someone who’s in prison, when Ramona’s fiancé Joe calls. Ramona asks Joe how much longer it is before he can get out of prison on bail. Joe doesn’t give much of a response however they hang up so Joe can conserve he's telephone minutes in prison.

Big Ang visits Carla to play catch up and have dinner. Carla reveals to Ang that Love has now become friends with her boyfriend’s ex-wife. Carla reveals she knows all this information because her boyfriends ex is going back telling Carla everything Love has to say about her. Then a doorbell rings and Carla gets served with divorce papers. Carla seems to be ok with the fact since she and Joe are in a good place and they will always be family no matter what happens.
Renee invites Ramona out to check out some shoes to see what’s hot at the moment to get ideas for her new business venture. Renee and Ramona then start discussing about Karen’s prenup party. Ramona thinks it’s odd that Karen has decided to throw this prenup party and thinks it’s a direct dig at her since shes the only one in the group who’s planning a wedding.

Finally, it’s the day of the prenup party and Karen and Ang talks about Ramona. Karen tells Ang the party is not about Ramona and she will support her no matter what. Ramona doesn’t feel any positive vibes regarding the prenup party so she decides to bring some of her good friends along. Karen and Ramona face and Karen lets Ramona know this party is not based on her. Love comes in and tells Ramona she is hurt by the fact the she has to hear from other people that she’s going to get married. Ramona seems irritated at that point however remains her cool and tells Love she’s been super busy. Ramona lets Love know she hasn’t told anyone since no one seems supportive especially Karen. Ramona expresses all she wants is the support for Karen and everyone else. Love continues to question Ramona that’s when one of Ramona’s friend starts getting upset on how Love is talking to Ramona. Love notices this and walks towards Ramona’s friend and basically goes crazy psycho and looses it. Love threatens Ramona’s friend and tells her basically she will stab her. It’s clear that Love is not to mess with, and seeing Love flip makes Drita and Ang concern for Carla. Karen tries to cool off Love and tells her Ramona’s friend is nice. Love responds by saying she doesn’t like anyone giving her dirty looks. Love clearly needs anger management at this point, for going off at someone for no reason however she did make good TV right?

Next we see Karen, Drita and Renee and meet up for some drinks. They start discussing Drita’s upcoming 80’s theme birthday party. The girls giggle and laugh as they reminisce about their 80’s hair and fashion sense back in the day and they even share some photos. Drita lets Renee and Karen know that Carla is invited. Karen asks Drita is Love is invited, and Drita says yes however she’s afraid if Love brings Carla’s boyfriend name shit will hit the fan and both Carla and Love will go cray cray. I honestly don’t understand why Love has an issue with Carla? Carla hasn’t mentioned Love. Drita seems to be worried for her friend Carla at this point. Renee tells the girls that Carla isn’t that weak since they had their share of fights.

Next we see Renne and her son AJ. He reveals he is ready to be on his own and has decided to move to Florida. Renee is shocked by the nes and at first doesn’t believe it. AJ tells Renee he’s already and adult and feels ready to become a man and Renee reminds him he is only 19. Renee struggles since she has realizes AJ has already made up his mind. Renee is heartbroken and I have to say this scene is very touching. It’s clear that the love for a mother is larger than life. AJ is everything for Renee and this is going to be a very difficult change for her.

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