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Recap: Don't Be Tardy... - Season 2 - Episodes 1 & 2

Ep 1: Busting Out All Over

The season of Don’t Be Tardy starts off with Kim in the hospital in labor about to give birth to baby Kash but not before giving her Starbucks order. Now the contractions are becoming more painful and 5 minutes into the episode she gives birth to baby Kash. Kim's daughters come over to see their new baby brother and Kim reveals to them it took her only 5 minutes to have the baby, and I’m wondering is she being for real or just playing? Moving on…

Next we see baby KJ playing he is now 14 months old. Damn he grew up fast and he is so adorable. Kim then tells baby KJ in exchange of cleaning up he's toy she will give him some candy. Kim is overwhelmed with the space in her townhouse as she feels they all barley fit. Between 4 kids, husband, nanny, staff and her boobs it’s too much.
Kroy is helping Ariana with a school project which is building a volcano, and while they’re doing that, Brielle is busy shopping online. Kim tells Brielle she needs to get good grades and if she does she might get a car. Kim and Kroy discuss with Brielle about work. Kroy shares his experiences of working as a teenager in a farm which doesn’t sound too glamour’s for Brielle.   

Next Kim and Kroy decide to visit their dream home which at the moment is still a living nightmare. Their dream home needs a lot of work and the house is half ways done. They meet up with their home builder and contractor. Kim gives her recommendations and then her home builder reminds Kim that in their contract is states they have one year to complete the house. Kim is freaking out as she can't handle a whole year living in the townhouse, then they come into an agreement and try to complete the house in 8 months.

Kim explains she wants her home her way and have certain stuff custom made and realizes she is going to have to spend a couple of million dollars for her dream home. Then they realize the house has black mold and they will have to tear the ceiling out and they cannot be in the house without a respirator. Kim is now more stressed.

Back in the townhouse Kim and her stylist Shun decide to clean since Kim's house is a disaster, there are things everywhere. We realize Kim loves sweatpants, now we know what to get her for Christmas lol.

Shun accuses Kim of being a hoarder and Kim admits she just buys a lot of things, but she’s definitely not a hoarder. Then Shun opens a box and discovers Kim many pregnancy tests. Kim reveals she took around 40 tests to determine if she was really pregnant and she decided to keep them for memories.

Then Kroy and Kim then are in the living room having a glass of wine in a plastic cups and Kroy tells Kim she snores and farts a lot when she sleeps, Kim says Kroy must love it since he married her lol. Then Kim's publicist Jack calls and reveals to her that he got off the phone with a reporter and apparently her mom is tying to shop around a book deal based on Kim and is even saying Kim was a stripper. Kim reveals she hasn't had any contact with her parents since her wedding. Kim also reveals if she had to strip to feed her girls she would but she hasn’t done it. Kim is disappointed and stressed about her mom typing to damage her reputation.

Ep 2: Parent Trapped
Kim and baby Kash are going through Kim’s wedding pictures through her iPad. Kim comes across a picture of her parents and tells baby Kash her mom is trying to write a book about her. Kim visits her attorney to discuss about the drama with her mom. Kim reveals her got served earlier that day and her mom is taking to take her to court to get visitation rights to see the girls.

The attorney then reveals the law was created for grandparents who are seeking visitation rights are for those who raised the children when the parents were out and about. Kim is surprised by this since she has always had her girls with her and has even paid her mom for babysitting. Kim says her mom doesn’t event need to get court orders visitation to see the girls. She could just call Kim or the girls, Kim states she will never stop her mom from seeing the girls. Kim’s attorney reveals her mom has also said that the girls live an abnormal life and every time they visit her they don’t want to leave since that house is always calm and comfortable.

Kroy then questions if Kim’s mom could request visitation for the boys but their attorney says no. At the moment she is only seeking visitation rights for the girls since they have a history with her. Kroy and Kim are shocked that she doesn't even acknowledge the boys. They are disappointed that Kim's parents haven't even reached out to see the boys. Kim then asks if her father is involved in the lawsuit and her attorney says no. Kim says her dad is cool but she is wondering where her dad at through this whole lawsuit mess is. Kim doesn't see her dad being a part of it. Kim thinks the situation is ridiculous and thinks the whole situation is crazy. Kim is more concerned about her girls’ well being especially due to social media. Kim thinks her mom is doing all of this for fame, money and publicity.

Back in the house it's Ariana's birthday. Kim has decided not to tell anything to the girls. Ariana arrives from school and Kim has clothes picked up clothes for her. Brielle decides she wants to drive to Ariana's birthday party destination and Kim doesn't think so.

The whole family leaves to Ariana’s birthday party even KJ's nanny Bertha who doesn't speak English. I like the fact that Berta doesn’t speak English and Kim doesn’t speak Spanish. They arrive at the destination and the party is none other than at SkyZone Trampoline Park, I couldn't help but think of Alexis of RHOC.

Brielle and Ariana reveal that their grandparents reached out to them via a text message but they didn't reply back since they've been busy. Everyone is having fun and Kim doesn’t want baby KJ to have any sugar but doesn’t know how to tell her nanny since she doesn’t speak Spanish and has Brielle to translate.

Next we see Kim and Kroy pay a visit to their dream home and then the contractor shows them the status of the mold. He also reveals to them they need new windows. Kim is stressed and wants to leave ASAP as she is afraid her wig might get mold too lol.

Back in the townhouse Kim shows Kroy a TMZ article about the drama between her and her mom. Kim is concerned more for her daughters since it’s now all over social media. The girls arrive from school and Kim decides to tell her daughters about the situation between her and their grandmother. Kim has a sit down with her daughters and breaks down the situation and reveals her grandma is suing her for visitation rights and the girls are even shocked that their grandma is doing this. They question why their grandma can’t just visit them without a court order. The girls reveal to Kim that their grandparents reached out to them over a text message and Kim thinks her mom is just doing this to look good in court. Kim tells the girls not to mention this to anyone and if anyone questions it to say they don't know anything.

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