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Recap: Don't Be Tardy... - Episode 3: Plan-iversary

The episode starts with Kim wanting to plan her one year wedding anniversary. Kim decides she wants to surprise Kroy but panics as she only has 5 days to plan it. Kim always plans everything last minute as w all know. Kim reaches out to her stylist and friend Shun to help her.

Kim explains she has known Kroy for 3 years now (damn time flies doesn’t it?) and Kim reveals she wants to have this anniversary event at the same place when she first meet Kroy which was at Sheree’s Dancing With The Atlanta Stars dance competition which Kroy was also part of back during Season 3 of RHOA.
Kim decides she wants to recreate her wedding by using the same cater, same cake, same band, etc. Kim explains she wants Kroy to wear the same dancing outfit he wore when they first meet. Kim explains Kroy loved Kim's jumpsuit she wore on their weeding and she's planning to wear it however there’s a problem! Since she recently had baby Kash and she's breast feeding, obviously her boobs grew and she's afraid her breast may not fit in the jumpsuit.
Kim and Shun then visit the venue where the anniversary wedding is going to take place. They soon realize the venue is huge and there’s a lot of space. Kim is now panicking since she's realizing she’s going to need help with less than 5 days now. Kim decides to contact a party planner to help her out.
Back at the house Kim and Kroy are talking about their upcoming wedding anniversary. Kroy thinks they should plan something together with no surprises. Since Kroy has a game the same day as their anniversary in New Orleans, this is the why Kim decided to surprise Kroy. She doesn’t want him to stress over their anniversary due to the game.
The next day Kim and the kids are watching Kroy's team play versus The Saints through their TV. At this point Kim only has 5 hours left for finish planning the surprise wedding anniversary.
Kim arrives at the venue and she's blown away how everything looks. Kim has the same cake, same food and same band she had at her wedding. Kroy arrives and notices a driver is there for to pick him up. Kroy notices there's an iPad with a video message from Kim and the drives takes him to where the anniversary dinner is going to take place. Kroy  finally arrives and walks in and sees Kim dressed up and he's happy with all the details as it brings him back to their weeding and when they first met.
It's time to exchange presents and Kim gives Kroy a portrait of him. Since Kim has many portraits of herself in their home she believes he deserves to have at least one portrait of himself LOL! Then Kroy gives Kim a box, the box appears to show pots and pans. Kim is hoping it’s not it since she doesn’t cook. Kroy tells Kim to open the box and Kim notices there are no pots and pans which she is relieved but it appears to be small gift boxes. Kim opens the boxes and sees diamond bracelets on each one of the boxes and Kim is thrilled. Who wouldn’t be right?
Kim then has Kroy wear the same dancing outfit he worn when they first meet for a special romantic dance. The episode ends with Kim saying 3 years ago that ass (Kroy’s) got her attention then and till this day that ass has her attention.
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Photo Credit: Bravo