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Confirmed: No Reunion Special For RHOV Season 2!

Now that The Real Housewives of Vancouver aired their second season finale today, fans of the hit show are questioning if there's going to be a reunion special. Well yesterday Dana Gee from The Province confirms there's not going to be a reunion. Want to know why? Dana writes:
"There will be no reunion show. The official Slice reasoning is the network wanted to follow more of the episodic drama opposed to cutting the season short for a reunion episode."

This makes it the first English speaking Real Housewives series with no reunion special of the whole franchise. Season 1 of RHOV did a two part reunion special with RHOV director Mike Bickerton as the host. I have to say I'm very disappointed to hear this. Hopefully Slice decides to change their mind but by the looks of it, I doubt it.
Are you guys disappointed as I am? What are YOUR thoughts? Let us know by leaving a comment below!
Source: The Province
Photo Credit: Slice