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Mob Wives Season 3 Finale Recap - Episode 13: Love Hurts

Carla and Joe meet to discuss their divorce over a slice of Pizza. Carla tells Joe about how Love thinks they copied her business logo. Joe tells Carla if Drita’s party gets cray cray she should excuse herself and leave the party. Meanwhile Drita has decided to let Lee come back home when he leaves the halfway house. Drita is mentally preparing for Lee's return. She is aware that things will change and she is now the lady boss that'a not going to change.

Ramona and Karen begin to get ready for Drita’s birthday party and then they start discussing about Love and Carla. Ramona and Karen mention they are not Team Carla but feel for her if Love comes does something to her. Karen decide to give Love a call to see if she’s going to attend Drita’s birthday party. Love reveals she broke 6 bones in her hand since she punched a steel beam because she was angry. Love then tells the girls that it’s better to hit a steel beam than someone’s face which I feel it’s a reference to Carla.
The ladies spray their Aqua Net hairspray, puff their hair, put on their tights and head to Drita’s 80’s birthday party. No one expects Love to attend due to her broken hand but she attends anyways. Love seems to be in a good mood but they ladies are still worried for Carla. Big Ang then decides to have a cigarette with Drita outside and Carla is left alone. Love mentions she was waiting for Ang to step away and decides to confront Carla. Karen thinks it better for Love to have a sit down with Carla. Karen approaches Carla and tells her that Love wants to talk to her. Carla agrees to have a sit down with Love. Carla reveals she wants to face Love and clear the air once and for all so they can all move on.  

Karen sits Love and Carla and then Love tells Carla “Karen is here so I don’t bash your head in” and it’s seems they are going to have a conversation when Love out of nowhere reaches over and starts physically attacking Carla and pulls her hair. The fight is quickly broken up by security and mayhem starts. Carla starts swinging at everyone since she doesn’t know who to trust at this point. Karen and Ramona try to check on Carla but security holds them back. Karen is pissed since at Love since she promised to talk instead attacked Carla. Drita and Ang arrive and Drita is livid this occurred. Drita is angry that Carla was attacked and says if she was there, Carla wouldn’t have been attacked.

Carla reveals to Drita that she feels she was set up . Karen goes outside and talks to Love and schools for what she did to Carla. Karen goes back and tells Drita and Carla she had no idea what Love was planning to do. Renee tells Carla despite their drama she still cares her for and they seem to make peace and they both realize they both were in the wrong by calling each other names as Renee helps Carla's clean her injured hand. The rest of the ladies are in a happier place and the season ends and once again another party destroyed with no cake!

Mob Wives Season 3 reunion will air in two weeks and the host will be Dr. Drew. It has been reported that Love was not allowed to participate in the reunion and was fired from the show.

If you missed the season 3 finale of Mob Wives, watch the full episode below!

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Video/Photo Credit: VH1