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Mob Wives Recap: Season 3 - Episode 14: The Reunion

It’s finally here, what we all been waiting for, the Mob Wives Season 3 reunion! This season Dr. Drew is the host of the reunion which makes him the third person to host of the Mob Wives reunion specials. Season 1 was Wendy Williams and Season 2 was Joy Behar. The reunion stars off with Dr. Drew pointing out the obvious by letting the viewers know that Love Majewski isn’t attending the reunion. The wives start discussing about Love and while some of the ladies call Love a psychopath and crazy. Karen reveals she and Love got into a fight when they were teenagers. Then Ramona decides to call out Carla by claiming she talks about everyone’s back and accuses Carla of being racist. While this is true or not I must say I have witnessed Twitter drama between the ladies and it’s cray cray. I wish that would have transpired into reunion, because I found the reunion a bit tamed compared to previous seasons.

Dr. Drew tries his best to stir the port as our adorable Andy Cohen (but fails) by asking Karen why she dislikes Carla so much. Karen responds by saying Carla always brings up other people’s family members but doesn’t like the fact when they bring up her family members. Karen then reveals that the only reason why Carla’s dad is alive it’s because of her father and she should at least respect her for that. Then Carla fights back by telling Karen to Google the facts and Karen goes cray cray towards Carla. Finally some exciting drama! Carla goes on by saying she felt she was set up during her infamous fight with Love which took place in the season finale. Karen denies it and days she just wanted them to talk about it and Renee believes Love attacked Love when she leaned towards her. Drita goes on by saying she if Love shouldn’t of attended her birthday party if her intentions were to attack Carla. Big Ang gives her two cents by saying what Love did was wrong.
Since Carla is on the hot seat this season she wants clarify where these rumors and accusations of her sleeping with married men comes from. Carla reveals when she was in her early 20’s she was dating a guy who she believed he was separated but then she found out he was married. Renee tells Carla she respects her for coming clean for admitting that. Carla then calls Ramona out by saying she was dating her ex husband while he was still married. Ramona denies Carla’s accusation and goes in for the kill by calling Carla all sorts of names.
Then the focus is on Renee’s rehab and substance abuse storyline. Renee gets emotional and AJ joins the rest of the ladies. AJ admits he didn’t agree with the route his mom took but regardless he loves her and supports her. Carla then apologies to Renee for calling her a junkie, as she just did it to hurt her feeling since Renee hurt her feeling. Carla also reaches out to AJ and apologizes to him for hurting his feeling of the comments she made about his mom. AJ says she did hurt his feeling but accepts her apology. Drita then is on the hot seat and they start discussing about Lee. Drita explains Lee is back in the house living with her and her daughters but admits there are still some issues to resolve. Drita admits Lee will not be on the show next season and he doesn’t want to be on the show and says most criminals don’t want to be famous.
Carla’s ex husband Joe is brought up as well as his girlfriend Raquel. Carla explains she was pissed off when Raquel referred her children as part of her family.  Renee gave her opinion about this situation and sided with Carla and she revealed she’s mad at Joe for finding a younger version of Carla. Karen’s ex Dave is brought up on stage and he reveals it was wrong of him to keep things from Karen when it involved their kid. Ramona still believes Dave is in love with Karen but Dave explains he is in love with his girlfriend Rebecca.
And finally Ramona’s wedding is the last topic of the reunion. Karen explains that Ramona doesn’t want to hear the truth and still doesn’t agree with the situation but reveals she will still support Ramona no matter what. Ramona tells the ladies she gets where they are coming from but all she wants if for them to be happy for her and doesn’t want to hear no negativity. Ramona then explains she still hasn’t gotten married and is waiting for her fiancé to get bail for the waiting to take place. Ramona reveals she has an idea when the wedding is going to happen and she even invited Carla to the wedding.
Overall this reunion was very short for me. I was surprised that this reunion was only a one part but another side of me says I’m not surprised especially since this season was mostly tamed compared to the previous seasons. There wasn’t that much drama this season, the only drama was centered between Love vs. Carla. I also believe that Love should have been part of the reunion show to give her side of the story, if Love wasn’t allowed to sit on the couch with the other girls at least they should of done a one on one site down just like when Any Cohen did with Kim Richards during Season 2 Reunion of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Also I’m not that much of a fan of having a live audience during reunion shows, cause I feel they hold back a lot, but that’s just my opinion. Overall it was a decent season. Jenn Graziano revealed there’s going to be a Season 4 so until then, that’s all folks!
In case you missed the reunion, watch the full episode below!

Photo/Video Credit: VH1