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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With Lea Black!

I recently had the opportunity to interview Real Housewives of Miami  star Lea Black, you may also know Lea as The Mayor of Miami! Lea chatted with us about her upcoming Black's Annual Gala event as well as her new handbag line, upcoming projects and even teased us about Season 3 of RHOM, and much more exclusively to

iRH: Hi Lea, can you tell us who is going to headline this year’s Black Gala?

LB: Flo Rida is headlining and we will have great performances from Taylor Hicks, DJ Trouble and Whi5ker5 with the Illbots.

iRH: I know you’re very involved in charity and giving back to the community. What inspired you to create The Black Gala?

LB: I started this gala almost 19 years ago and it was for at-risk youth, children that wind up either incarcerated or in juvenile detention, or get in trouble because they’re on the street when they should be in school but don’t have the guidance or don’t know any better or different.

iRH: Can you tell us what The Black Gala represents to you?

LB: Seeing kids that have so little and wanting to offer them hope and direction is what drives me to fundraise. We’ve kept a lot of kids out of jail and in school over the years.

iRH: For those who don’t live in Miami, is there any online auctions that people can bid or donate online?

LB: You can purchase tickets or donate at

iRH: What will make this year Gala different compared to the rest in your opinion?

LB: Flo Rida, Taylor Hicks and Whi5ker5. We always over the top guests but this year we will surpass expectations.

iRH: I know you are currently filming Season 3 of RHOM. Will the Gala be part of it this year as well?

LB: They will be filming!

iRH: Were you surprised with the success of the second season of RHOM?

LB: I’m not really surprised because the star of the show is Miami, and Miami has it all. And of course the energy generated by the people is incomparable to anywhere else in the world. As far as the popularity of the franchise, I think it’s a combination of interest in real life soap operas, seeing how other people live...and hopefully entertaining.

iRH: How would you describe the RHOM Season 2 reunion?

LB: Electric

iRH: Can you give us an update on how’s your friendship is with Marysol these days?

LB: Distantly friendly

iRH: Can you tell us if Freda is still working for you? I must say your relationship with her was fun to watch!

LB: Well, she’s still at my house! Everyone loves her, she has been with me almost 20 years and we are crazy about her.

iRH: What is the best and worst moment for you during the two seasons of RHOM?

LB: Best is it’s sort of comic relief. Worst is – some girls love conflict- I prefer to keep the peace!

iRH: What can the fans expect for the Season 3 of RHOM?

LB: Everything and then some! Big surprises.

iRH: I know you recently released a vintage handbag line which you shared with us at What inspired you to get involved in the fashion world?

LB: I love classic, simple, elegant and bling. I was never able to find handbags with these qualities so I decided to make them myself! Everyone commented on them so I decided to make and carry them on

iRH: Is there any particular designer that inspired you to create your line?

LB: No, just my personal needs and preferences.

iRH: : Are you planning to release a new handbag line in the future or perhaps a clothing/makeup line?

LB: I will always have some other "project" I just can't help myself. I think we live in a world where we can have it all, why not try?

iRH: What other projects are you working on at the moment besides The Black Gala and your handbags?

LB: I recently launched Lea Black Beauty - which focuses on moisturization. It increases the moisturization in your skin 440 percent in 48 hours, and we have the clinical studies to back it up.

iRH: You're a mother, wife, a Real Housewife, business woman and a socialite. How do you balance it all?

LB: I’m asking myself the same question!

iRH: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

LB: I love all the positive interaction and I’m grateful they keep up with me :)

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