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Fashion Fridays: RHOV Season 2 Style Recap!

Welcome everyone, today is Fashion Fridays at! Now that RHOV Season 2 ended, I'm going to bring you the style recap of Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver. Rebecca Burstein is a writer, editor, and virtual shopaholic. She's also the junior lifestyle editor at During Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, Rebecca did a weekly style recap of each episode during the airing of Season 2. Now I'm going to provide you those style recaps that Rebecca did. Rebecca writes:

"Along with the drama on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, the ladies brought us another hour of high-fashion clothing, purses, shoes and jewellery. Today, we’re going over a few of our favourites and showing you how to steal their style without dipping into a housewife-sized savings account."

RHOV Style Recap: Episode 2

From left to right:

"Watching Amanda in her kitchen left me wondering one thing: how fab is her casual getup? She definitely doesn’t succumb to PJ pants and oversized sweatshirts to wash and dry dishes, like the rest of us! I’ll be channelling her relaxed, yet uber upscale, sleek dress next time I clean the house — though the cork wedges may have to wait until after I finish running up and down the stairs.

Next up, Mary’s Gay Pride Parade attire. That sequin mini caught my attention the second she stepped out of her limo. Though the length was a little risqué (any fewer feathers and we might’ve seen her Britney!), the fit was perfection and her laid-back waves were a definite win.

When it comes to style, no details are left unnoticed, and that’s exactly why I’m zooming in on Ioulia’s black bow heels. Paired with a flowy black dress, her minimalist look was so fun and flirty. If anyone can look as glam as an art gallery, it’s that woman.

Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $100? Here are our suggestions:

1. Emulate Amanda’s chic chef style with a black sheath dress, on sale for $60. 2. Copy Mary’s shimmering beauty with a strapless sequin dress that comes in at $98. 3. Impress your next dinner date with an Ioulia-approved (and bow-adorned) peep-toe pumps, sitting nicely at $85."
RHOV Style Recap: Episode 3
From left to right:

"Amanda definitely wasn’t shy to show off her bod on the catwalk, and for good reason! This sexy black one-piece was hands down my favourite, and she played up the black and gold colour scheme perfectly. Those big earrings and bangles took her sizzling swimwear to the next level.

On the hair scene, it’s Robin who has been on my radar. She rocks her bangs seamlessly each episode, but her braided dinner ‘do really caught my eye. Her simple styling (from the curl-ironed tips to the easy braid) gives her whole look some added polish, without being too over the top.

Now, back to the fashion show, where this zig-zag print cover-up was one of the stand-outs. Ioulia’s easy breezy look screamed cozy casual, without taking away any sex appeal. She had me wishing for summer heat (and yearning for friends with yachts!) with each step.

Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $200? Here are our suggestions:
1. Turn heads with a plunging swimsuit ($46) sexy enough to steal the show on any beach. 2. Copy Robin’s hairstyle in two seconds flat with a thick braided headband ($9). 3. Dish out some extra cash for this romper cover-up ($187) — it’s almost identical to Ioulia’s!"
RHOV Style Recap: Episode 4
From left to right:

"Her duet audition might not have gone perfectly, but Robin really hit a high note in this dress. Though she had to be extra careful getting in and out of the limo at Amanda’s birthday blowout, the fit and shade of this party piece was a total head-turner.

When done well, it’s hard to beat an all-black ensemble, and though this footage might have ended up on the cutting room floor, Mia’s laidback look is one I’d like to borrow. With a graphic tiger top, sexy leather leggings and black booties, her city chic outfit is head-to-toe cool.

In another scene that didn’t make it into the episode, I spotted a sequin sweater on Jody that instantly stole my heart. There’s nothing like sparkles in the daytime to make you feel like a princess, and this housewife’s baking attire deserves a crystal crown.

Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $50? Here are our suggestions:

1. Make Robin proud in this body-hugging cut-out dress, on sale for US $31. 2. Take a cue from Mia’s handbook and try these faux leather leggings, $20, on for size. 3. Add a little glam into the everyday with a crystal top ($56) inspired by Jody’s never-before-seen number."

RHOV Style Recap: Episode 5

"With polka dots being one of the hottest trends, it’s no surprise that Mary rocked this body-hugging dotted dress. The navy and white colour scheme is perfect for summer and the ruching at the waist makes the cut ultra-flattering. Paired with neutral-coloured sandals, this look is definitely one of Mary’s best.

Talk about a statement bag! Jody’s bright purple snakeskin-print purse caught our eye (and we’re sure everyone else’s!). I love the gold hardware and the subtle print.

The secret to Amanda’s perfect skin: that oversized sun hat. I love the floral embellishment, and it looks great with her sunglasses. Though it works particularly well for the Grand Prix Show Jumping event, it would also work for a backyard barbecue or day at the beach.

Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $50? Here are our suggestions:

1. Take a style cue from Mary in this black-and-white polka-dot dress ($20). 2. Grab everyone’s attention by carrying a bright-coloured bag like Jody’s ($24). 3. To have skin like Amanda’s, shield you face from the sun’s harmful rays and sport an oversized sun hat with bow embellishment ($20)."
RHOV Style Recap: Episode 6
"The Real Housewives shine wherever they go, but this week, they had some extra help from a number of metallic accents.


Did you catch Robin’s pop tab outfit on last week’s episode? The recycled material made its comeback in Toronto in the form of a high-shine purse. It showed off her individuality and popped against an all-white getup.

When it was pool party time, Ronnie glimmered all night. Her white dress made her look like a Grecian goddess, and I loved how its beautiful gold trim played up her golden jewellery.

As Jody walked into the Torontonian’s backyard, my gaze bee-lined straight to her pretty peep-toes. With a gorgeous neutral shade and gemstone embellishments, I wouldn’t mind kicking up my heels in these beauties.

Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $100? Here are our suggestions:

1. Rock an environmentally friendly bag like Robin’s with this pull-tab mini purse ($75). 2. Strut your stuff in neutral stilettos with diamonds that mimic Jody’s ($65). 3. Take centre stage at any party in a white dress with embellished trim like Ronnie’s ($88)."
RHOV Style Recap: Episode 7
"Strutting into the Top Chef Canada garden party, these four ladies turned heads with looks we can’t wait to steal this spring.

From left to right:

Pulling off a printed dress isn’t always easy, but Amanda rocks this yellow pattern without a hitch. I commend her for opting for such a cheery colour, playing it up with simple brown and white accessories like a pro.

Hello, curve city! This classy lace dress fits Ioulia like a glove, and there’s no denying that her body is banging. I even love the matchy-matchy navy heels — they give the look a royal vibe.

Structured on top with a frilly skirt on the bottom, this white-on-white look is typical Ronnie. Her fitted white blazer pulls the whole outfit together and ensures a sophisticated entrance into the afternoon affair.

Mia’s hot pink mini is perfect for a warm-weather party. She sizzles in the standout hue (also seen in her can’t-miss-me identical lipstick!) and the fun and flirty feel is practically contagious.

Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $100? Here are our suggestions:

1. Try a bright print on for size with this flippy sundress ($66). 2. Accentuate your curves in a navy long sleeve lace dress that will have you feeling like Ioulia in no time ($45). 3. Channel Ronnie with white pearls and this white jacket for spring ($45). 4. Make a splash with a fun fuchsia dress (currently on sale!) that Mia would beg to borrow ($37)."

RHOV Style Recap: Episode 8

From left to right:

"Printed jeans are hot right now, and I bet Amanda’s ensemble convinced anyone who wasn’t already on board with the trend. After seeing her out and about in this animal-print pair, I’m naming printed skinny jeans a packing list necessity.

She might have been super focused on the ball during the croquet game, but Ioulia’s retro sunglasses caught my attention (and completed her outfit).

It’s hard to wear a leather jacket without looking sleek and stylish. Here, Paige’s black moto version was the perfect topper for a weekend outdoors.

Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $100? Here are our suggestions:

1. Try trendy leopard jeans to kick your denim up a notch ($82). 2. Finish off your weekend look with sunglasses inspired by Ioulia ($42). 3. Reach for a form-fitted moto jacket on those not-quite-hot-enough days ($48)."
RHOV Style Recap: Episode 9
From left to right:
"Mary typically reserves sequins for special occasions (unlike some of the other ladies!), and a birthday is the perfect excuse to shine in a fab mini dress.
Thanks to a wrist full of glitz, Mia’s arm party is one for the books. Whether you cushion your everyday watch with just a couple of thin bracelets, or pile on a chunky colour-coordinated stack, arm candy is totally on trend.
Paired with her half-updo and strapless gown, Amanda’s chandelier earrings add just the right amount of glamour to her party look.
Want to copy your favourite housewife for less than $50? Here are our suggestions:

1. Sport a sequin dress inspired by Mary to turn heads at any spring soiree (on sale for $42). 2. Pile on a collection of bracelets in complementary hues for a Mia-approved arm party ($18). 3. Finish off a black tie look with dramatic chandelier earrings like Amanda’s ($5)."

RHOV Style Recap: Episode 10 (Season Finale)
"Mary Zilba’s date (with a high-profile billionaire, of course!) was one of this week’s highlights. She might have switched outfits a hundred times before landing on this eye-catching number, but I think it totally paid off.

In this powerful purple ensemble, Mary was all business. Her trendy peplum top and body-hugging skirt exuded sophistication from head to toe. With just a small purple pendant playing up her assets, minimal jewellery and matchy-matchy accessories ensured all eyes were on her curves.

Want to copy Mary Zilba’s outfit for less than $260? Here are our suggestions:
 1. A pencil skirt inspired by Mary’s bright choice shows on-trend class ($73). 2. Opt for a peplum top to pack a playful punch ($73). 3. Take a style cue from Mary and try sexy suede slingbacks on for size ($35). 4. Pull your look together with a pretty pendant necklace in a similar shade ($16). 5. Lastly, grab a slim box bag for extra sophistication before you step out the door ($60)."
There you have it, the style recap of Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Vancouver! What did you think of the fashion this season? Tell us by leaving a comment below!
Photo Credit/Source: Slice