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Daniel DiCriscio Talks To Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump About Faye Resnick At DWTS After Party!

Daniel DiCriscio has recently made headlines about the statements he has made towards Faye Resnick. As we all know The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills third season recently ended and as recently reported a fourth season has been given the green light by Bravo. All this falls in perfect timing as Lisa Vanderpump is currently compeiting on Dancing With The Stars. Lisa's RHOBH co-stars Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Brandi Glanville and Taylor Armstrong were all seen supporting Lisa on this weeks episode of Dancing With The Stars. Bravo cameras were spotted filming the 90210 ladies in their new season. Daniel was also in attendance and was even invited at the Dancing With The Stars After Party. Daniel tells us he even got to talk to both Kyle and Lisa about Faye Resnick, Daniel writes:

"Lisa graciously greeted me with a smile when she saw me and said, "Hi Darling, how are you?", and gave me a hug and a Beverly Hills kiss. I congratulated her on her performance on DWTS and she said, "Haven't I recently seen you in the press talking about...?", and I interjected, "Faye". "Oh right" Lisa replied, and gave me a "high-five" and said, "Good job!". Later in the evening we took a quick photo together.

Later, I went over to talk to Kyle, considering we are both friends with Faye, who was sitting with her husband Mauricio and Kim, with Brandi and Taylor sitting across from us. I said to Kyle, "I know, you hate me right?". She said, "No, I think you're an asshole!". I told Kyle I was only talking to her about Faye out of respect for her. Kyle said to me that I really hurt Faye with what I said about her, and I told her that if I really hurt Faye, she could have told me herself. I told Kyle that what I said wasn't mean, it was the truth, but she kept defending Faye to me. I do not understand her defending Faye so dilligently. It seems odd to me.

At one point Mauricio, who was sitting right next to her, leaned into the conversation wanting to know what we were talking about. Kyle said to him, "Faye", and quickly explained to him. Kyle said to me, "Daniel, haven't you learned about editing? It's Reality TV! It's bad editing on Faye's part of the show".
Kyle kept saying to me that Lisa was behind what I have been saying about Faye. Kyle said, "We all know Lisa hosted your Birthday party".
I told Kyle there's a bad side to people, and what I saw on RHOBH was Faye's bad side I have experienced myself.
The big question I have is; Why is Kyle so into Faye? Doesn't Kyle have any other girlfriends? I mean, It's just not kosher. I guess Kyle's still living in "Little House on the Prairie".

Also, Kyle saying, "Asshole" to me, was very unladylike and low class. I'm assuming she learned that from Faye."
Daniel & Kyle Talking

Daniel poses with Lisa at DWTS After Party
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Photos Credit: Daniel DiCriscio