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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 8: Quiet Retreats & Loud Attacks

We’ve made it to episode 8! The episode starts when Jody invites Robin over to discuss about Toronto and of course… Mary! Jody and her young daughter Hannah are baking while Jody asks Robin if she had fun in Toronto. Robin obviously didn’t, especially since she got involved in the whole Amanda and Ioulia drama. But Robin tells Jody she enjoyed singing with Mary on Global TV’s The Morning Show. Jody tell us she wasn’t aware of the performance and basically doesn’t care much for it especially if it involves Mary. Jody is disappointed in Robin for not attending her Top Chef Canada guest appearance and garden party. Jody is also concern with Mary’s and Robin’s friendship and as they begin to discuss about Mary, Jody decides to remove Hannah from the kitchen so she can really let her thoughts on Mary. Jody calls Mary "Lucifer" and a "terrorist" because Mary made some accusations about Jody’s boutique and she feels Mary defamed her and her business. However Robin tells Jody she loves Mary and they completley disagree about Mary.

Next we have Ronnie and Amanda and a psychic named Char. Ronnie hired a psychic to give readings to her and Amanda, the psychic scene seems staged and fake to me and it doesn’t seem organic. The psychic basically gives Ronnie a recap of last season and the current episodes of this season and gives Amanda a recap of all the 8 episodes of this season. She does tells her she shouldn’t work with Jody as she wants to turn Amanda against Jody (the producers are genius aren’t’ they? lol) and even calls Amanda one of God’s children. Wow Char the psychic sure is a genius (notice my sarcasm as I wrote that lol?)

It’s Ronnie’s birthday so it’s time for another girl’s trip, the girls head to Rockwater Resort in Halfway Bay and Amanda calls their trip as “Glamping” which is basically a rich people’s camping experience minus the actual camping instead of tents is a5 star resort with all the best services. Remember Real Housewives glamping started during the 7th season of Real Housewives of OC! Back to the recap, all the ladies go except for Jody and Mary. Jody was allegedly sick and Mary wasn’t invited, remember Ronnie did ask Mary for a break. On their way Ronnie confesses to Robin that Mary and her had a “thing” one night when they were younger many years ago but reveals it was unsatisfying. Robin wants to get more information about the “thing” Mary and Ronnie had but fails to obtain any more information.
Mary packs her son Cole’s suitecase since he won an internship to New York to work along with former President Bill Clinton.Mary gets very emotional as she’s proud of her son but also sad since she will miss him.

The ladies arrive at Rockwater, Robin goes in for the kills and asks Ronnie in front of the other girls about the lesbian moment between her and Mary and Ronnie replies simply by saying it wasn’t memorable. While the ladies are sipping on champagne the ladies talk about their dirty secrets and Robin confesses of having sex on a graveyard. Then our Russian beauty starts doing jokes which none of the girls seem to find funny. The ladies apart from each other for relaxation time, Robin decides to have a bubble bath and give Mary a call and tells her what Ronnie said about their “thing” a few years ago. Mary denies anything happened between her and Ronnie.

The ladies meet for dinner and Amanda asks Robin is she has talked to Mary and Robin confesses she has. Then Jody makes a surprise phone call and Robin apologizes to Jody for the way she talked to her in the beginning of the episode. Jody throws shade to Robin basically saying she’s heard worst from smarter people and Robin throws shade back to Jody for mistaking Oklahoma with Texas. And they let it go after that! Ioulia calms the girls and they proceed to actually have dinner without walking out of it. Somehow the conversation leads to Amanda and Amanda confesses she was sexually abused as a child and also in high school, it’s a very emotional scene and traumatic. I’m proud of Amanda for voicing her story. Amanda is a prime example overcoming her demons, now her opening tagline makes more sense to me.

Ronnie’s niece, Paige makes a surprising visit and then it’s time for glamping to end. Amanda, Ronnie and Robin decide to continue to celebrate Ronnie’s birthday and take a yacht from Ronnie’s Howe Sound home to Granville Island, where they will meet Ioulia and Jody. All the ladies come together and it’s clear that both Ronnie and Robin are happily drunk which I have no issues with, hey it’s fun, it’s no crime! Jody is not happy to see Ronnie in that state and somehow Mary is brought up in the conversation which Ioulia tries to change the conversation because she knows every time Mary’s name pops up drama occurs.
Robin tells the girls she doesn’t think Mary is evil and all and it upsets Ronnie and then we have Robin vs. Ronnie. Ronnie gets up from her seat and points her finger at Robin’s face but Robin doesn’t back down and tells her "If you have a problem, then get the f--k over it. If you don't like what I'm telling you, then you have an issue." Everything seem to calm down when suddenly goes after Robin but Robin doesn’t back down from Jody and fights back. Ronnie reminds all the girls it’s her birthday and the fighting stops and the episode ends.

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