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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 7: Sweet & Soured

This episode starts off where we last let off as the ladies of RHOV continue to take over Toronto with lots of drama of course.
The episode starts off when Jody and her daughters, Hannah and Mia take Jody's son Josh for some shopping. While Mia wants to dress Josh in a more trendy and flamboyant style to make him look sexier for girls, Jody surprising likes to dress her son more conservative. Mia lets us know how Jody doesn’t' want her son to date etc etc etc. I'm surprised by Jody especially since she has the most over the top styles of the housewives franchise.

Next Robin and Ronnie do some shopping and Ronnie lets Robin know how has had it with the drama between Jody and Mary. Robin understands how Ronnie feels as she starts to being feeling the same with some of wives. Later on Amanda invites Robin out for lunch and the two meet up and start discussing about Ioulia. Amanda tells Robin she needs to pick a side if she wants to be on this side or that side if not she's screwed.

Ronnie invites Mary to lunch to discuss about their friendship and divorce all at once. Both ladies start rehashing why they are both hurt and it's clear they are both hurt from all the Season 1 drama and the most recent disagreements. Mary tells Ronnie how hurt she is by saying she hasn't sold over a million records, which Mary confesses it's true. Hey at least Mary was honest, right?

Ronnie is hurt about Mary accusing of being drunk the other night about her and accuses Mary about basically being a compulsive liar. Ronnie tells Mary she needs help and Mary tells Ronnie she made Mary look insane towards her family. Mary tells Ronnie their "friendship contract" was a joke since she didn't keep their promise and Ronnie fires back that she can't keep a promise when a person is untrustworthy. After going back and forth after a while, Mary starts tearing up and so does Ronnie and Mary apologizes to Ronnie if she ever hurt her. Ronnie is relieved and accepts Mary's apology and thanks her for it. They both decide to start over once again.

All the ladies meet for dinner and Jody, Amanda and Robin are waiting for the rest of the ladies to attend. Amanda feels like all dinner’s it’s not going to wnd well and they will not eat due to drama which she calls it “The Housewives Diet”. Jody starts to wonder why there’s an extra chairs and prays it’s not for Mary and what do you know? Ronnie and Mary arrive together and Jody doesn't seem pleased by it. The Russian Beauty also known as Ioulia shows up and wants to clear the air before dinner starts. She lets Amanda know how she was offended by her comments and then turns towards Robin as Robin beings to cry because she feels bad for also making negative comments towards Ioulia which is why Ioulia hasn’t returned her calls.

Amanda gets in the action and accuses Robin of kissing Ioulia's ass and then says and then let’s the ladies know this: "Well maybe we should all be on some Ativan and then maybe life would be a whole lot better!" basically a direct hit at Ronnie. Ronnie however stays composed and decides not to fly across the table to kick her ass as she wanted to do a few episodes ago. Sorry I have to throw that in but I loved that scene. SUE ME!

Jody then decides to get in the action too and tells Ronnie to ditch Mary as she has done in the past. Mary calls Jody out and decides to leave. Robin kind of agrees with Jody and Mary lets the Texan beauty know she's on the wrong side and is not happy with her and walks out. Ronnie then decides to walk out with Mary.

All the ladies except for Zilba are ready to head out to Jody's appearance on Top Chef Canada's garden party however Robin shows up looking like a hot mess and takes a rain check for being hangover. The ladies along with Mia head out and Ronnie tells the girls how she called her husband and told him how she made up with Mary but her husband tells her she’s not her friend which Ronnie then questions their friendship with Mary once again. Ioulia then says that Ronnie sounds like a broken record.

I'm going to skip the Top Chef Canada event since I found it boring. ALL the ladies meet for dinner and Ioulia brings up the drama between Mary and Ronnie. Ronnie let’s Mary know that she loves her but needs a break from her. Mary says she's ok with it and then it carries over of the remaining of the episode and they all get into another argument. Mary walks out and Robin decides to follow Mary to be there for her. The next coming episode looks BEYOND DELICIOUS. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Can't wait!

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