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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 6: Cold Shoulders & Hot Butts

The RHOV ladies take over Toronto on this episode. The episode starts off when Mary’s publicist Colleen calls Mary and notifies her she is going to start off a press tour and first stop is ironically Toronto where the rest of the ladies will be attending as well to support Jody guest judge role on Top Chef Canada.  Colleen tells Mary she will be featured to sing her hit single HERO on Global TV’s The Morning Show. Jody arrives in Toronto to surprise her son Josh since he’s now attending the University of Toronto. Jody and Josh catch up on his life as a college student and Jody suggests his dorm requires a mother’s touch which Josh disagrees. Back in Vancouver Robin visits Mary, and Mary tells Robin about her gig on Global TV and since Mary is a fan of Robin’s voice, she invites her to sing along with her as a backup singer which Robin is humbled and touched by the offer and accepts.

Ronnie arrives in Toronto with her sons, Houston and Jhordan and so does Amanda. Upcon arriving she decides to visit her sister Denise, since she resides in Toronto and catch up. Amanda confesses to her sister she wants to screw her boyfriend Kyle till they are in their 90’s but their privates will require a lift…lol! Denise works in the medical cosmetic field and tells Amanda about this new machine which pretty much gives you a butt lift.  Denise tells Amanda she needs to try it and Amanda loves the idea which she decides to invite the girls to try it as well.
Meanwhile, Mary and Robin Ioulia arrive to Toronto. Robin and Mary start signing rehearsals while Ioulia gives them some healthy criticism. The next day Mia arrives to Jody's suite pretty much hangover to surprise Jody! Mia brings all sorts of trays of dessert but blindfolds Jody with a scarf as she decides to do a taste test and guess the desserts to prepare Jody for Top Chef Canada. Jody pretty much guesses all the desserts. After all, desserts are Jody’s specialties! Mary, Robin and Ioulia arrive to Global TV to get ready for sound check before going live. While Mary is getting her sound check ready, Jody is filming Top Chef Canada and begins giving the chefs a quick fire challenge based on Jody’s specialty… desserts! (P.S: It’s so weird watching Top Chef without Padma, just saying!)
Back to Mary, places are set and it’s time to sing Hero live! While in the middle of signing Hero, Mary notices the sound mix is off but since the show its live Mary proves she’s a professional singer and pulls it off. Both Mary and Robin do a great job! Amanda invites both Jody and Ronnie for some butt lift procedures. While Amanda tries the butt lift, Ronnie decides to work on the same procedure but on her abs and Jody decides to do it on her face. While the ladies are enjoying getting their procedures, Dr. Domenic tells the ladies he’s having a cocktail event at his place and wants to invite them over, which the ladies agree.
Ioulia, Mary and Robin head to lunch. Ioulia decides to call Amanda to see what the other girls are up too, to possibly get all the girls to together later on the day. Amanda tells Ioulia jokingly about her flight to Toronto and she pretty much knows she flew in coach if  which rubs Ioulia the wrong way. Amanda then invites the Ioulia and the girls to Dr. Domenic’s house to drinks and to get together. Later on that day Ronnie, Amanda and Jody arrive at Dr. Domenic house, and he is a flirty guy and decides to flirt with Amanda in front of his wife, but the wife seems not to mind which surprises me. Mary, Ioulia and Robin arrive and Amanda pulls Robin to the side to discuss about Ioulia's attitude and to make this short, Amanda is not happy with Ioulia's behavior which Robin seems to agree with Amanda.
All the ladies get together and Dr. Domenic then tells his guest it’s time to take shots. Mary then takes a shot and Amanda then questions Mary why would she take shoots in front of Ronnie knowing she is trying to remain sober. Mary quickly tells Amanda, Ronnie isn’t bothered by it and Amanda replies to Mary that Jody doesn’t drink around her out of respect. Ok here’s where I get confused, why Amanda would question Mary while everyone around her is drinking and even her best friend, Mia is taking tequila shots. I like Amanda but I wonder if she also questioned Mia as well, that’s all! Back to the recap, Mary speaks up and tells her that Ronnie is not an alcoholic and quickly after that both Mary and Jody go at it. Jody basically calls Mary names in her interview and says Ronnie is an alcoholic which surprised me, especially since Jody never talks negatively about Ronnie. Mary then tells Jody she should take care of Mia since she’s wasted and may fall down the pool for being to drunk. Jody is not having it with Mary and tells her off.

Then at argument Jody walks off, soon after that Ronnie tells Mary is she is going to leave since she is getting stressed out about the whole Mary and Jody fight and how she is over i and is casuing her to get an anxiety attack. Mary and Robin then tell Ronnie why didn’t she defend her against Jody. Ronnie basically said in her interview she doesn’t have to fight anyone’s battles. And then Mary questions Ronnie if she has been drinking since Mary thinks Ronnie is not making any sense. Ronnie is hurt by Mary's drinking comment and decides to leave the party with her sons.
The party is gets more hotter  and then some hot guy decides to go skinny dripping and that’s where both Mary and Jody decide it’s time to leave. Ioulia decides to confront Amanda about the comment she made against Ioulia about flying coach. Amanda tells Ioulia about her attitude and even tells Ioulia how Robin agreed with her and Robin realized the fight was caused by her. All the ladies leave the event and the episode ends. Looks like next week the drama continues and I couldn’t be happier since both RHOA and RHOBH have been tamed these couple of weeks!

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