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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 5: High Notes & Low Blows

This episode starts were episode 4 ended with drama dram drama. Ronnie brings up what really happen between Mary and Jody, Jody tells Ronnie wants to address the situation however Mary decides not to talk about it since its Amanda’s birthday and she doesn’t want to ruin her night by talking about drama. Mary then  gets a phone call by one of her close girlfriend which her friend apparently tells Mary her son was involved in some type of accident. According to Mary she thought she heard a vehicle ran over her friend’s son’s foot and tells the girls she wants to leave to be there for her friend. While the ladies are surprised to hear such news, Ioulia decides to call Mary’s friend since she’s her friend also and confirms the boy is well and fine. The ladies seem to begin to suspect Mary is finding an excuse to leave Amanda’s birthday party. In reality, it’s wasn’t a party but more of a celebration with a few drinks and dinner and cake. Mary then tells the girls she is leaving since her kids needs her back home, since her boys have friends over and she needs to be there. Its apparent Mary made an excuse to leave the party early but the question is, was Mary lying? Some of the ladies think she did and some give her the benefit of the doubt.

Amanda then tells Ronnie how Mary told her she (Ronnie) was the reason why Mary and Jody never got along. Ronnie is surprised to hear that and decides to go excuse herself to the restroom. Ronnie then discovers Mary having some drinks with another crowd of people and tells the girls she found Mary having drinks with another group of people. All the ladies then begin to question if Mary was lying all along. Me personally I understand why Mary left however I think she should of chosen a different way about it, but that’s just my opinion. Ok back to the recap.
Ioulia invites all the ladies to her house for a painting class. All the ladies arrive except Mary is a no show. Mary didn’t show up since she already had scheduled to film her music video for her latest single, Hero. All the ladies begin to talk about Mary for a bit and then Ioulia is questioned where her step daughter is at which Ioulia doesn’t know the answer. Does she know? I really don’t care to be honest but everything Ioulia does is entertaining and I like it. Ioulia then gets the paining class ready and surprise Ioulia brings out a male model so he ladies have to do draw replicas of the sexy model who is only wearing some nice set of trunks. Then Round 2, the male model comes back and surprise he is only wearing a sock covering his penis. Jody seems to be the most nervous about it, me personally I liked it. I would have drawn the sock if you ask me lol!!

Next scene we see Jody and Mia together at Jody’s house. Jody gives the news to Mia how she is going to be a special guest judge at Top Chef Canada. Both are very excited for the news. Next we see Robin and Mary arriving at the Thunderbird Horse Park as they are going to sing. All the ladies are invited and first stop Mary sings the Canadian national anthem, and no surprise Mary sings it beautifully. Next Robin and Cole duet together and sing the American national anthem and I have to say they did it well. Robin sang it beautifully and did America proud. The ladies begin to congratulate Robin for doing a good job but seem to forget about Mary. Jody seems to gives Robin compliments constantly and a bit over the top which seems she’s doing it to push Mary’s buttons, but I can be wrong, who knows. Jody invites the ladies to go to Toronto with her since she is going to film Top Chef Canada and Jody tells Ronnie to invite Robin. Robin tells Mary about the Toronto trip with the girls but Robin doesn’t know Mary wasn’t invited and that’s where the episode ends. Next week looks like Mary does go and the drama will be off the chain! Amanda vs. Ioulia and Mary vs. Jody, lots of bitchiness and drama and I can’t wait to see it!

Photo Credit: Slice