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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 4: Second Chances & Second Thoughts

The episode starts with Amanda inviting Jody and Robin to get her a vampire facelift due to her upcoming birthday. While Amanda waits for the doctor the ladies talk about what happened at dinner and discuss about Ronnie. Then Amanda gets ready for her vampire facelift and she’s a bit nervous. As soon as Jody sees the needles being injected into Amanda she gets freaked out and decides to walks out. (Side note: A vampire facelift is when they take blood out your arm and re-inject it to your face instead of fillers, so basically it’s organic and natural lol, not kidding!). Next Robin, Mary and Ronnie meet up for lunch and discuss what happened at dinner the other day and Amanda. Ronnie asks Robin if they brought up her name during Amanda’s vampire facelift meeting which Robin says yes and explains to her and Mary what exact was said. Ronnie is put off by that, meanwhile Mary is not so surprised but Jody’s comments. Robin tells the ladies that Amanda and Mia are bff’s which surprises Ronnie.

Meanwhile Jody is wearing her sombrero of strength. Jody’s son, Josh is packing since he is getting ready to go to the University of Toronto. Jody is saddened realizing her son is leaving which brings her into tears. Josh tells Jody that she's he's idol and Jody is humbled and cries some more. It’s nice to be a more humble and softer side of Jody. Meanwhile Mary invites Amanda for lunch to apologize to her for walking out at her dinner the other day. Mary wants to get know Amanda but she understands she's loyal to Jody. Mary tells Amanda that she has no hard feelings to Jody and she actually likes her which surprises Amanda. After talking about Jody and Ronnie to Amanda, Mary then gives Amanda some gifts due to her upcoming birthday. Amanda then feels obligated to invite Mary to her birthday party. Robin meets Jane from Thunderbird Show Park regarding the national anthem audition. Robin explains to Jane how awful her demo. Jane then explains to Robin she never told Mary that she never got the job, that she simple said they were looking for other options. Jane proposes to Robin for her to do a second audition of the national anthem but as a duet with another singer. Robin is happy as she gets to redeem herself. Meanwhile Amanda invites Ronnie for dinner to try to clear the air with what happened at dinner the other day. After a rough start with many disagreements the ladies decide to patch things up and try to start over while eating some sushi and bonding for their love of snakes.

Mary picks Robin up to take her for Robin’s second audition of the national anthem and also to be there for support. Robin talks to Mary about the maybe she misunderstood Jane’s comments about Robin possibly not getting the gig. Mary and Robin decide to put that in the past and they arrive at the audition. Robin meets her duet partner which is a 10 year old singer named Cole. Meanwhile Jody is at her house doing a photo shoot for Style At Home magazine and seems to enjoy it. Back to Robin, she meets Cole and decides to direct him on who should sing what part. The audition starts and Robin stops singing since a bug went into her mouth. After a rough start Robin and Cole get back to do the audition and they end doing the duet beautifully. And Robin and Cole get the part.

Mary and Ioulia pick up Robin to arrive at Amanda's party. Robin and Ioulia have a feeling the day is not going to turn out the best. The ladies arrive and shortly after Mia and Jody arrive with a birthday cake for Amanda. Mary feeling left out; Jody decides to bring some of Mary’s article back when she was running for Miss America to Robin and does so Mary to hear. Mary then decides to fight back since she had enough of Jody and then Jody accuses Mary of sleeping with a 21 yrs old hokey player. Mary then goes at after both Jody and Mia. Mary then mentions to Mia she loves her nose job and Mia responds she likes Mary nose job too and other alleged surgeries. Mary feeling left out and attacked decides to leave the party as she walks out runs into Ronnie. Mary tells Ronnie how Jody and Mia attacked her then Robin and Amanda convince Mary to come back inside and enjoy her party and ask Mary to ignore Jody. Amanda opens her presents and then after having dinner Ronnie brings up what really happened between Jody, Mia and Mary and the episode ends there.

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