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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 17: No Business Like Clothes Business

The RHOBH are still in Paris enjoying their last day in the most romantic city in the world. Kyle, Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda, and Kim head over on a boat to cruise on a river. They sit down for a beautiful boat dinner and they all reflect on their trip together. Yolanda gives Brandi a very expensive gift because she really cares about her. Brandi has a very sweet heart to heart with Kim because she lets her know that her favorite part of the trip was when she bonded with Kim.
When the ladies are back home, Marisa visits Kyle and Kyle tries to comfort her. Marisa seems fine and asks Kyle about the trip. She also tells Kyle that her mother in law wants to put her house up for sale so she enlists Mauricio’s real estate help. Back at Lisa’ house, Kevin Lee visits Lisa to plan her vowal renewal party. She wants to have a house warming party but also celebrate her vowel renewal. Kevin immediately suggests that the party have a million dollar budget.

Yolanda’s modeling skills are showcased when she goes on a photo shoot for an Asian magazine with her hubby. Her model really comes out when she is getting ready. She really knows how to take control of the situation and run the actual shoot! The two take fab photos together. Later on, Mauricio meets with Marisa to show the house and talk business. They plan to sell it for 23 million. Kyle’s store is opening up very soon so she and her business partner go on a fashion hunt. They shop around for styles that they would like to have at their store. Kyle fancies everything she sees so it turns out to be a very successful day.
Taylor meets with old cast member Dana to catch up. By the looks of it, Dana seems to be off the rails. She is smoking and drinking and talking nonsense. She talks about how she drinks often and has sex often. Taylor looks very taken aback but tries to laugh it off. Dana talks badly about Brandi about how she feels that Brandi is beneath their social circle. Back at Kyle house, it is the night of the big reveal and Kyle is glamming herself up. The whole family is attending so they are all looking very sharp when they head out. Kyle arrives to a crowd of paparazzi outside their store. The guests and the BH ladies start pouring in. Everyone looks amazing! Yolanda takes this as an opportunity to talk to Taylor. Taylor notifies Yolanda that their problems, if any, have to do with her husband. Yolanda isn’t too pleased to hear the news but she is glad that Taylor is being honest. The two talk things over and move on to a more positive note. Kyle also has some alone time with her sister to talk about her behavior in Paris. Kyle expresses how scared she was when she thought that something was wrong with Kim. Kim explains that she had merely taken the wrong medication which made her not act herself. She says that confused the medicines because the bottles were similar when she did not have her contacts. In all honesty, I believe Kim bcause she does seem to be very dedicated to her sobriety. Until I hear or see something fishy, I still will believe Kim.

Written by: Mr. Housewife

Photo Credit: Bravo