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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 16: The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Deux

The Paris trip continues and we begin with Yolanda and Brandi going out for a jog. Yes I am serious! I would not be running anywhere if I was on vacation! The only thing I would be is hunched over a toiler with a hangover! The two bond over their past Paris stories and continue running. Kyle and Mauricio head for a stroll and Mauricio takes Kyle to Lover’s Bridge where people who are in love take a lock and attach it to a fence to proclaim the unbreakable love bond they have. Mauricio takes out a lock and attaches it to the fence and the two throw away the key. Meanwhile, Kim, Lisa, and Ken go shopping. Lisa keeps a close eye on Kim and her weird behavior. She notices that she is a bit strange and tends to ramble on. Kim confides in Lisa that she feels that her sister has changed with her and Lisa suggests that the two talk now that they are on neutral ground. Later on, Lisa met with Yolanda to further talk about Kim’s behavior. Yolanda expresses her worry over Kim and believes that she might have relapsed.

The evening has arrived and the ladies are going to a cooking class to learn how to prepare a French plate. They soon realize that Kim is not with them so Yolanda and Kyle go and look for her. They knock on her door and Kim answers. Yolanda realizes that she was just asleep and tells her to hurry.  Kim soon joins the rest of the girls in the limo. Lisa jokes about Kim taking sleeping pills and Kim gets bothered. Lisa questions her whereabouts and Kim reassures everyone that she was just in her room sleeping. When the ladies arrive to their destination, Kim and Kyle have a moment. Kim tells Kyle that she was bothered by Lisa’s implications and begins to cry. She does not like to feel like someone is accusing her of relapsing. Lisa tries to intervene in the conversation but is quickly told by Kim that she wants to have a moment alone with Kyle. Lisa leaves and joins Brandi and Yolanda in the kitchen where they learn that they have to chop up a duck. The ladies cook up a delicious duck and turnip dinner while Brandi flirts with the chef. Lisa pulls Kyle aside to ask about Kim. Kim catches on and calls Lisa a pot-stirrer. They continue to make their dinner before Ken and Mauricio arrive to join them for dinner.

During dinner Kim talks to Yolanda and Brandi about Kyle. She tells them that Kyle’s motives, although good, can be damaging to her image because she tries to help too much which almost renders her unable to do things for herself. Lisa talks to Mauricio about Kim and Yolanda gets annoyed. Later on that day, the ladies explore the Eiffel tower and enjoy the view. Kyle decides to talk to Lisa about their strained relationship. Kyle believes that Lisa is cold and distant from her. Lisa feels that Kyle said some hurtful and mean things at the season 2 reunion. Lisa does not like that Kyle keeps saying that she is manipulative and Kyle apologizes for that but expresses to Lisa that that’s how she feels. Lisa tells Kyle that their relationship has changed due to Kyle’s lack of loyalty. Kyle feels that she has been replaced by Brandi. In all honesty, I think Lisa is right in this matter. When I think back to season 1, Lisa defended Kyle when she was being attacked by Camille or when she was feuding with Camille. Then again, I feel like Kyle is sorry and Lisa should recognize that and move on. Who knows! We have to tune in and keep watching! Til next time!

By: Mr. Housewife

Photo Credit: Bravo