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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 16: Peaches Don't Grow in Hollywood

The RHOA episode begins with Nene and Greg in their Hollywood mansion. The two are talking about the arrival of the ladies later that week. They plan to host a dinner for them and the two set up beautiful table wear. The next day the RHOA ladies travel to Los Angeles and arrive in style. They drive to Nene’s house in a big limo. The limo does not fit up the narrow part of Hollywood so Nene is forced to pick them up. Phaedra soon makes it and meets up with the rest of the girls later because she missed her flight. They head over to Nene’s house for their dinner party. Cynthia calls Nene and tells her that the girls no longer need to go over because the dinner was at 9pm not almost midnight. Nene hangs up the call leaving all the other girls confused and a bit aggravated as to why she is acting the way she is. I believe that Nene is in all her right to feel upset because I also would be very angry if my guest were extremely late. The girls pull up at Nene’s house and Nene puts on her game face on. She tells the ladies that they are not coming into the house because they were extremely disrespectful in arriving late. Nene tells them to exit to the left because they are not coming into her home. She isn’t even entertaining offers of doggy bags. The ladies leave the Hollywood mansion very upset. In the limo ride back home, Kandi expresses how she felt it disrespectful for Nene to throw them out. The ladies stop by Fatburger to satisfy their hunger as will I after this recap.

The next morning, Kenya cooks a nice breakfast for the ladies. They all gather around the delicious food. Kenya makes fun of Porsha because she does not know how to make simple coffee while Phaedra tries to remain civil with Kenya. This sort of bothers Kenya because Phaedra is acting like they have not had a tumultuous history. The ladies go to this acting stage where they meet with an acting coach. It was an activity set up by Kenya. They did a series of acting movement, exercises, and improvisations. Nene arrived late and was playfully scolded by the girls. Nene soon took the girls on tour of the filming studios where they had a great time.

The ladies soon go to dinner in Los Angeles where Nene sets aside reservations for the RHOA girls. Porsha brings up the work out video to Phaedra and Cynthia asks Kenya about hers. This brings up some unspoken tension between the booty video makers. Walter is then brought up by Porsha because he was at Kordell’s event. She tells the ladies that it was fun having him there and this makes Kenya feel bad because she didn’t receive an invite. In an effort to avoid drama, Kenya walks off and is quickly followed by Nene. Nene tells her to explain herself but Kenya refuses because she wants to do so in a friends’ atmosphere and Phaedra and Porsha are not her friends. Next week the ladies go to Vegas where things look like they will blow up!
By: Mr. Housewife

Photo Credit: Bravo