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Recap: Mob Wives Season 3 - Episode 9: Mama Drama

The episode starts off where it ended last week. Big Ang is getting her house ready to throw a Christmas Party to all the girls. As we all learned last week both Renee and Love canceled to attend, Renee doesn’t want to be around Carla and Love has the flue. Drita is the first to arrive and Big Ang gives Drita the scoop about Ramona's engagement. Both Karen and Ramona arrive and the ladies start talking about Love and Renee. Both Karen and Ramona voice how they are not fond of Carla for how she reacted to Renee and holding a butter knife at their last meeting. Shorty after Carla arrives. Ramona and Karen sgive Carla the cold shoulder, you can tell how awkward it is and you can literally cut the tension with a knife, no pun intended! Soon after Karen decides to break the ice and confronts Carla by telling her, she is the reason why Renee was a no show at Ang’s Christmas party.

Both Karen and Ramona tell Carla they are not so happy for the way she treated Renee, holding the knife and calling her a junkie. Carla tries to defend herself by saying she was tired of Renee making up lies about her. Drita hates feeling like she has to pick sides but agrees if someone waved a knife to her she would have stabbed someone which Ramona agrees. Big Ang feels Karen and Ramona shouldn’t comment about Carla and Renee since they weren’t there when Carla and Renee meet. Shortly after Carla says she’s happy to hear Renee is doing well and thinks maybe she had something to due with Renee’s sobriety which pisses off both Karen and Ramona. Then Ramona and Karen decide to leave early since they have to pack to go to Arizona the next day.

The next day Ramona and Karen arrive to Arizona to visit Karen’s ex, Dave. Meanwhile back in NYC, Renee invites Ang, Drita and Love over to her house. She explains to them she needs to feel protected in her home and has decided to get an attack dog for protection. Back in Arizona, Karen and Ramona arrive to Karen's house and discover Dave is not home, just the dog. After going through the house Karen discovers there’s nothing home belong to Dave in her house which beings to question Dave even more. Soon after Karen’s daughter, Karina arrives. Karina and Karen have a talk about Dave and his girlfriend, and seem to have a bit of friction, shortly after Dave arrives. Back east, Renee and the girls arrive to their destination for the hopes of getting Renee an aggressive dog. After many demonstrations of aggressive dogs, Renee leaves without and dog and questions if she even needs one.

Back in Arizona, Dave and Karen finally talk! Dave tells Karen he lives with his girlfriend and that he hasn't been to that house, the only time he has been to Karen’s house is only to feed the dog. Karen is livid to know that all this time Dave never told Karen his plans. Karen tells Dave for Karina's sake Karen needs and tells him she wants to meet his girlfriend Rebecca, especially if she’s around Karina. Dave responds he is going to get Karen and Rebecca together so they can know each other. After Dave leaves, Ramona tells Karen she should try to get back with Dave and feels Dave is perfect for Karen. Karen is taking back by Ramona’s comment and think she’s crazy lol! Back east, Drita picks Carla up to see how the progress of her new store is doing. On the way over, Drita and Carla start talking about Lee.

Back west, Karen decides show Ramona more of Arizona and takes her where her dad used to have his pool construction business. Karen explains to Ramona how she was in an ecstasy drug rank along with her brother and then boyfriend Dave with eventually got arrested and her dad took the rap for it. Since Karen’s dad got charged with it, Dave and her brother got a shorter sentence and Karen feels guilty for her dad being in prison. Back in NYC, Drita and Big Ang along with Carla's friends get together to celebrate Carla's birthday, Carla is happy to know how there’s no drama and is happy to move forward in her new chapter in life, with getting a divorce and enjoying her new boyfriend. Back in Arizona, Karen and her brother, Gerard met at a remote location to discuss about their fathers case. Gerard tells Karen there's a possible way on how they can get their dad out of prison sooner. Gerard explain to Karen how and Karen is ready to get everything together and see if they can get their father out.


Photo: VH1