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Recap: Mob Wives Season 3 - Episode 8: Time and Punishment

This episode starts with Renee and Drita meeting for lunch to catch up. Drita drops the bomb and tells Renee that Lee is back and they are trying to work it out, Drita is happy, Lee is happy and the kids are happy. Drita explains to Renee she decided to put pride aside for love. Then Renee tells Drita she (Renee) told her dad about her addiction problem and her recovery. Renee explains she is focused on her recovery and she is not going to let nothing come in her way of her sobriety. Big Ang and Carla also meet to catch up as well and Carla tells Big Ang she meet with Joe and Raquel. Big Ang is happy Carla meet with Raquel since they are going to have to know each other for the sake of the kids. Then Big Ang tells Carla she's wants to throw a girls only Christmas, which includes all the ladies. Carla is a little hesitant but decides to attend since Drita and Big Ang are going to be there. Carla explains to Ang she doesn’t want to deal with drama that day so she should basically tell the other ladies as well.

Love and Karen go food shopping and they begin to talk about Arizona and Karen’s ex boyfriend. Karen tells love she has a booked a ticket to fly to Arizona to meet with him and confront him, Love tells us is she was Karen she would rather kill him and the girlfriend but she knows Karen has a daughter to watch over so her situation is different. While shopping Storm, Karen's business partner calls Karen to invite her for dinner, Karen is happy since she is stating to have a crush on Storm. Even Love realizes how happy Karen is as she watches Karen all happy while she talks to Storm. After they hang up Karen questions is this is in fact a date or a business meeting, Love as we all are guessing know is a date. The next day Big Ang and Drita go to pick up Drita’s new Lady Boss rims which also has her name on them, and they are super cute. While the mechanics are working on Drita’s car, Big Ang and Drita go outside and talk about Lee. Drita tells Big Ang how she wants to help Lee now since he helped her in the past and now that she is making the money she wants to return the favor by buying him a car to start. Drita also tells Ang she also wants to fix her right boob since it’s needs some work since she wants to look good naked for Lee. Drita mentions Lee got a job at a funeral home and Big Ang suggests Drita should go over to Lee’s job to have sex. Drita laughing says no but Ang thinks they should be having sex everywhere they can lol!
Karen meets Storm at a restaurant for dinner aka date. However Karen is having a rough start since she basically lost her voice. Karen asks Storm is their “date” is for business or pleasure which Storm replies “pleasure” which makes Karen happy! They end dinner talking about their children which makes Karen happier to know that Storm is a single dad as well which they have that also in common.
Ramona goes to her bank and decides to pick up her engagement ring from her safety deposit since she has decided she’s going to start wearing the engagement ring her man, Joe gave her. Ramona decides to tell the girls about her engagement and calls Karen first. Karen doesn’t pick up Ramona’s call and and leaves her a voicemail to show up to her house in 20 minutes or so since he has something important to talk to her. Karen arrives to Ramona place and Ramona starts off the conversation talking about Joe’s case. Ramona tells Karen that Joe might be able to get out on bail soon and then she drops the bomb on Karen that once that happens they plan to get married. While Karen is shocked by the news, Ramona decides to show Karen her engagement ring. Ramona explains to Karen how Joe gave her the ring. Karen then tells Ramona that she might want to re-think the engagement/marriage over since Joe is still in prison and she doesn’t know how long will he be there. Basically Karen breaks it down by telling her fairy tale could end up in a nightmare. Ramona is not thrilled with Karen at this point but Karen explains to her she's been there and done that and she doesn't want Ramona to go threw the same thing Karen went with her ex. Ramona feels that Karen is not being supportive anymore since Karen is starting over by dating and Ramona is still living the mob wife “lifestyle” having her man incarcerated which Karen explains to her she is just telling her cause she doesn’t want to see Ramona hurt since she loves her. Karen walks out and Ramona is not so pleased with Karen.
Meanwhile Love gets a phone call from her ex boyfriend Fate. Love confesses she ran away and left him since she thought they were going to end up hating each other. Love confesses to Fate she will recommit to him and he's the only person she will say it too. The difference is that Love lives in NYC and Fate resides in Las Vegas which makes it difficult for her. I guess we have to wait to see what happens with these too. Something tells me it won’t be the last time we hear from them. Ok back to the recap…
Ramona arrives at Alisa Marie's house which is her friend. Alisa is throwing a shopping party and has many hats, fur coats and leather handbags designed by the one and only Alisa (PS: Alisa was one of the first rumored new housewives for RHONJ Season 5, however those rumors died quickly after that, guess we have to wait and see when Bravo announces RHONJ Season 5 if she made the cut, I doubt it but we’ll wait and see!). All the ladies arrive and the ladies start trying on some fur coats and you can sense the tension between Ramona and Karen. Ramona is still irritated towards Karen for not being so supportive by her engagement news. The ladies start talking about the loyalty women have with their men. Renee then tells Ramona she needs to do the best for her family and Ramona is not happy and thinks Karen told Renee about her engagement. Ramona then feels that that conversation about loyalty to men is really about her which then she decides drops the bomb to the ladies and announces her engagement with her boyfriend Joe. Ramona tells the ladies Joe’s case and once he gets bail the plan for them is to get married. Everyone congratulates Ramona but Karen is not so happy. Karen tells Ramona she needs to think it over and once again tells her she doesn’t know how long he is going to be in prison. Big Ang agrees with Karen but Renee supports Ramona on her marriage and thinks she has to do what makes her happy. Then Renee gives Ramona advice that if it's in her heart to do it then she should do it, which then Karen agrees and they all congratulate Ramona on her engagement.
The next day, Big Ang is getting her house ready for her girls only Christmas party when her cell phone rings and it’s Renee. Renee calls to cancel as she feels she doesn't want to deal with Carla at the moment, and she doesn’t want her sobriety to be affect by Carla since Renee is still hurt by the comments made about her. Then Love calls Big Ang and cancels since she's sick. Love then says she's curious to meet Carla and Love ends the episode by says Carla got lucky since she got saved by the flue lol, that was my favorite line of the episode.

In case you missed this episode, watch the full episode below:
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