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Recap: Mob Wives Season 3 - Episode 11: Winging It

Love pays a visit to her doctor for a regular check up, we learn that Love was involved in a bad accident which is why see still seeks medical attention. Karen and Ramona are about to leave Arizona, Karen has accomplished a lot being there with resolving her issues with Dave and Rebecca. Karen struggles leaving her daughter Karina behind but who wouldn’t? Must be difficult for both of them, Karen and Ramona leave Arizona and return to Staten Island.

Drita visits Carla and Drita brings the fact that Love has an problem with her. Drita tells Carla that Love keeps hearing that Carla keeps talking negatively about Love which is why Love has an issue with her. Carla is still clueless about the Love drama and states she doesn’t know her or cares to talk about her and finds it basically ridiculous. Drita seems to worry for Carla cause she knows Love has a very bad temper and will go ape shit in one hot second.
Ramon visits a wedding planner to plan her big wedding with her incarcerated boyfriend Joe. Even though some people  judge her for going through this, I’m all for it. She’s a big girl and if this makes her happy, why we gotta hate on love? At this point Ramona is well aware of what's she's getting herself into.

Carla visits her ex father in law for some facial treatment. Carla’s ex Joe walks in and I have to say I love this scene. I’m still sad these two not together but hopefully in the future these two will get back together. PS: Joe is a hottie, love when he appears on my TV screen (wink wink) LOL!

Drita meets Love for a manicure and Drita reveals to Love that she spoke to Carla about Love having an issue with Carla. Love seems happy that Carla knows and keeps insisting to Drita that she continues to hear from many people that Carla keeps talking about her. I never heard Carla mention Love before so I wonder if it’s the production telling Love this since they know Love will loose it which is great for rating, but who really knows? Maybe Love has heard this, only time will tell. I just hope Carla and Love meet up and discuss their differences because this is taking forever for them to finally talk about it. Love tells Drita how Carla copied her business logo which are angel wings, to me they don’t look exactly the same however I can see why Love might think this way.

Drita, Ramona and Karen along with Love celebrate Love’s birthday so it's Party time! Karen’s business partner and boyfriend, Storm arrives and quickly joins the fun. All the girls approve of him and like him for Karen. It's nice to see the girls have a good time for once with no drama!

Carla has a wine tasting for Wines by Wives which she has teamed up with our beloved OC housewives, Vicki and Tamra. Big Ang and Drita show up to support Carla and Drita gives Carla the scoop how she told Love about her issue with Carla. Drita tells Carla that Love insists shes hearing from various people that Carla keeps talking about her and also bring up the logo issue. Carla denies all of it and tells Drita she’s telling to truth. Carla tells Drita she's gonna have to meet with Love to talk clear the air. Carla tells the girls that she will talk to her and will not get involve into a physical violence.

If you missed the episode, watch the full episode below:

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