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Recap: Mob Wives Season 3 - Episode 10: Desert Storm

Since Renee hasn’t decided if she is going to get herself an attack dog for protection, she’s decided to take a Krav Maga class which combines all styles of fighting moves into one. Since her son A.J has decided not to spend quality time with Renee, Renee invited Drita or as she calls her “the kick ass one”. The ladies learned how to put someone to sleep without any type of drag, so all I got to say the rest of the ladies better watch out, cause these girls are on fire.

Back in Arizona, as Karen requested to Dave, she finally meet Rebecca. Rebecca is Dave’s new girlfriend and Karina’s stepmother if you will. The meeting seems sort of awkward since Rebecca is not much of a talker which Karen seems not to like so much in the beginning. However Karen is known she breaks the ice and they seem to have a solid conversation with no yelling, no curse words or anything. I have to say Karen handled that situation perfectly.  Karen then invites Rebecca and Dave over to her house for a party before she goes back to New York, which they agree. Now Karen and Ramona take her dirty dog to be groomed and pampered. Back in NYC Renee, Drita and Love meet up to talk about their Krav Maga class training, and once again Carla is brought up in the conversation.
Karen and Ramona review tapes of Karen’s father’s case, it’s very clear that Karen has been carrying this guilt for her father’s imprisonment. If I was in her place I don’t blame her for the guilt she has, her father took the blame for her mistakes but any father would have taken the blame to protect their child. So I don’t blame him for taking the blame. I’m glad Karen has Ramona there to remind her she needs to get over it. Her father has never blamed her, and if he forgave her she needs to accept it and move on.
Karen has her house party and all her Arizona friends come over. Karen seems to have a great time especially since her friends are more of a good time than drama which is why Karen is happy to distress and have a great time. Dave and Rebecca show up and Ramona quickly pulls Dave aside and starts interrogate him. Dave pretty much states he loves Rebecca but his answers seem not to convince Ramona nor us, it’s clear Dave still loves Karen, to what degree? We don’t know…as of yet! Then Ramona decides to pull Rebecca and informs her that it wasn’t cool for her to pick up Karina without Karen’s knowledge. Rebecca reveals she only did a favor for Dave and he insisted that Karen was cool, which Ramona realized that Rebecca wasn’t even aware of it just like Karen. Looks like Dave has been lying, Rebecca tells Ramona she won’t do it again unless Karen is ok with it since she also has kids and understands where Karen and Ramona are coming from. Ramona realizes that Rebecca is nice and a good person.
Meanwhile back in NYC, Love gets surprised visitor. Love’s ex boyfriend Fate. The love between them is more than obvious, Love looks like a teenage girl in love with her first love and it’s nice to see her vulnerable side, but I do miss psycho Love, she is hysterical. I really hope they both decide to rekindle and try on their relationship. Next scene we have Love and Big Ang talking about Carla once again, Ang tells her that Carla has never brought her name up and Love insists he keeps hearing that Carla is basically talking smack about her, just like Ang and Drita I really wish Carla and Love decide to face off and finally clear the air in person instead of here say. Letts see what happens next week.

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Photo/Video Credit: VH1