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iRH Presents: A Tribute To Robin Reichman by Team Robin!

We are back giving another Real Housewife of Vancouver a tribute from their Team! Last time we brought you tributes to Ronnie Negus, Jody Claman, Ioulia Reynolds and now this week we are bring you a tribute to one of the newest housewives, the Texan beauty herself, Robin Reichman! I reached to Elizabeth who is the person behind @RobinReichmanTX on Twitter and she tell us why she admires and supports Robin. Elizabeth writes the following: I watched season one of RHOV, and I like most probably, was skeptical of the new ladies coming on to the show. But it didn't take me more than 2 seconds to become a fan of Robin. To describe Robin shortly would be next to impossible but, I will try my best. This woman is nothing short of an inspiration, so I am more than honored to write this for her. This Texan has spent close to 20 years in Canada, and after being able to see what kind of a person she is, we are beyond lucky to have her here in Vancouver! Robin is an absolute amazing mother, and you can tell within moments of talking to her, or even seeing her on the show in episode one, her kids are her number 1. With the personal story Ms. Robin shared with us on the premiere episode, and to see what a strong person she is to not only to herself and her friends, but to her girls, is to say the least, admirable. Being a mother is not always easy, and now being a single mother you would think, would be that much harder. However, I have never heard a word coming close to complaint, rather the opposite. Every minute she spends with them brings her such joy, and I love that through all the heartache and hard times I'm sure she has endured, you would never know, because of the light that shines from her soul because of them. To have such an amazing mother would be a true blessing, and these two kids, are without a doubt, blessed.

As we know, Robin loves her horses, so I think I'm taking a pretty good guess at her number 2 love would be her main man German Gigolo (Giggy). Her love and respect of this amazing animal truly shows just how caring she is, not only as a person but also an animal lover. For an animal to be able to trust you the way Giggy trusts Robin, is remarkable. You can see the trust and love in one simple picture of the two together, I'd like to see anyone argue that! Weather she's riding for sport or recreation Robin truly seems to be at 'home' atop one of these gorgeous animals.

As we all know, this show brings along drama, conflict and sometimes happiness with the blossoming of new friendships both on and off the show. On the show we see Robin and Mary becoming close, and from social media sites we can see this friendship has continued to grow and I could not be happier the two have stuck together! Robin also has been seen reaching out to fans on social media sites, which not a lot of the women in this franchise does, but, lucky for us, seems to be a constant with RHOV cast. I love reading messages from her fans to both myself and her, expressing their love of her charm and class, as it certainly doesn't take long to fall in love with this country gal. Countless times I've seen her reply with uplifting messages to raise her fans spirits and each time I become more proud to run this page. From day one she has been supportive of me running her fan club on Twitter, and I have to say I am so very honored to represent her each and everyday. Robin is the most kindest, caring and thoughtful person I've gotten to know and am truly proud to call her my friend."

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