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Fashion Fridays: RHOV Stylist Talks Ronnie Negus!

Michelle Addison is a stylist guru who has worked with some high list profile clients which includes stars in Hollywood, she’s also is the stylist who oversees the looks of The Real Housewives of Vancouver! Michelle recently hit the fashion blog on Slice's website to talk about styling the one of the RHOV ladies which is the and only, Ronnie Negus! Michelle writes the following:

"Simple and chic — two words that describe Ronnie’s style. If you see Ronnie dressed in colour, it’s a rare day.

You’ll see her in a red Valentino dress in one of her interviews. This was a personal victory of mine as there is no doubt she looks amazing in red.
Out of all the housewives, Ronnie is the one that really stays true to what she likes. If she loves something she’ll own it, no question. If she doesn’t like it, she’ll tell you before you can open your mouth to explain.

She is actually quite easy to work with. Once you get on Team Ronnie there is no turning back.

She loves to wear Alaïa, but who wouldn’t? These dresses are worn by only the most fashionable, rich and famous — and Ronnie owns more of them than your average red carpet celebrity.

Ronnie’s style has a little western edge as she looks most at home in a white T-shirt and jeans. But when she puts on heels and a dress, she leaves everyone breathless."

What are some of YOUR favorite styles that Ronnie has worn on RHOV? Tell us on the comment shown below!

Photo Credit: Slice
Source: Slice