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Claude's Corner: Meet The Ladies Of Les Vraies Housewives!

by: Jean-Claude
Hello everyone, I'm Jean-Claude andwelcome to Claude's Corner! I'm gonna be here with you guys during this season of Les VariesHousewives. Where do I start? I'm a French/Canadian philanthropist &socialite who happens to live in the Big Apple here attending NYC's F.I.T. I find myself to have a lot in common withthese women so of course I’d be smitten haha! But yes I'm very excited for this newinstallment which follows five French women living the high end life in Beverly Hills. Now youmight ask yourselves why not just cast them amongst the ladies of RHOBH? Well becausetheir FRENCH! And with tons of money to spend, with lots of space in the 90210 why not bringnew blood? Now I will warn youguys that this installment is very reminiscent of the Athens installment with very minimalEnglish so break out your Rosetta Stone and enjoy! #LesVariesHousewives! So here are our FAB 5...

Karine Kaplan
"Your either gonna love me orhate me!"
Karine Kaplan is a devoted mother of 3 who once worked as an airhostess before leaving everything andmoved to Los Angeleswith her husband a powerful American lawyer. Since the birth of her first son,Karine has chosen not to work to devote herself to her family. Karine enjoysorganizing major events especially for her children she has as she keeps themas top priority.  Karine has a passion for Tim Burton & fast cars and is also very fond of history with herfiery temperament. Karine is feared all in Beverly Hills for her outspokenness, butbehind this apparent "tough girl" personality Karine hides asensitive and generous soul who she only shares with true friends.

"Luxury is great but moneydoes not always bring happiness!”
Now were on to the Belgian beautyChristine who's a 55 year old divorcee is childless, Christine is of Belgianorigin. An artist at heart, she has always dreamed to be a great singer. She’s featured the song in the United States with The band Loveletter and was featured on one of their albums. Christineknowing how to make fabulous encounters throughout town and became friend withthe late Michael Jackson. Extremely refined and elegant, she is passionateabout interior design and has been featured in several design magazines. But itis as a jewelry designer that she’s made a name for her self in the 90210 areacode. A woman of character, very frank, Christine does not rubspeople outside her social circle.

Christina Amrani
"I'm not the richest, but Iintend to become"
Born in northern France in amodest town, Christina left everything behind to live her dream of the goldenAmerican family but her dream ends when she findsherself alone to raise her daughter. Determined, Christina decided to create abrand which is, Cocktail Wax, hair removal center upscale in Beverly hills andhas had some success with it Christina tends to stirs the jealousy among theHousewives, but she is determined to finally find her place and especially tofind her knight in shining armor

Soumaya Akaaboune
"I don't like staying in theshadows"
Soumaya is a French actress of Moroccanorigin. She has lived in the United States for 15 years. The day she came to Americashe met the love of her life, her future husband, Peter, a renowned director. Togetherthey have a son, Jazz, 6 years old. Funny, bubbly and sassy, Soumaya tends toattract attention. She has appeared in movies such as playing for keepsand will be appearing in this years highly anticipated film Lovelace. Soumaya’sis outspoken against the frequent plastic surgery in Los Angeles, this formerdancer prefers natural beauty. In the universe confined Beverly HillsSoumaya’s outspokenness will provokecontroversy between theladies.

Natalie Wizman
"In life, I can be sweet, but annoy me and the claws come out RAWR!"
Natalie has long led a life as a business woman until her marrying a Frenchowner of a large chain of coffee shops in the United States. Now a housewife,taking care of the house and little ones Natalie is a self proclaimed hostesswith the mostess. Natalie is a womanwho controls the quest for perfection and eternal youth. A strong woman Natalie knows how to value her friends, and makes sure no one is left behindunless you cross her.
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