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Celebrity Stylist Daniel DiCriscio Slams Faye Resnick Again!

Last week Celebrity Stylist Daniel DiCriscio slammed Faye Resnick by releasing an official statement to iRealHousewives and other blog sites about their past friendship and expressed his feelings towards Faye Resnick controversial appearance on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Faye's appearance in the finale of RHOBH had an overwhelming amount of negative feedback by the fans of the show by even tweeting with the now famous hash tag #GoAwayFaye. Daniel seems to share the same feelings which he has releases a new statement about his friendship with Faye. Daniel writes:
Reminiscing back, I remember how Faye would tell me on more than one occasion how she didn't want to be in the spotlight anymore after doing Playboy. When I was at her house, after the Playboy run, she told the studios not to contact her anymore and that she didn't want to be on TV anymore. I guess she's had a change of heart.

When I was involved in the Clinton Scandal for doing Paula Jones' makeover, she called and tried to strong arm me and bully me to not use her name in the press. She claimed she wanted to be out of the spotlight and under the radar. She didn't like it. She gets very paranoid. She played passive aggressive, but after all these years, she obviously wanted it all along.

She has aged, but she hasn't changed. I know her, she does not like this negative press about her. It does get to her. She's probably hiding under a table right now. She' someone who always likes to be in control.

When you're "Friends" with someone, and you really "know" them, there's always the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know all three of these sides of Faye.

Of course, Kim and Kyle will defend Faye because their big sister Kathy Hilton is good friends with Faye.

I just feel so bad for Lisa because it was suppose to be her party to renew her vows and Faye came in and brought all her petty BS to the party which should have been left at the door. Very Classless and not very Beverly Hills.

Note: According to Radar Online Faye Resnick has decided not to return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and will no longer make any appearances on any upcoming seasons of the show because "it's ruining her life."

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Photo Credit: Daniel DiCriscio