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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 3: Catwalks And Catfights

It’s the next day after gay pride drag event. Jody picks Mia up for work Mia. However Mia appears to be hangover in which Jody teases the hell out of Mia which Mia isn’t having much fun with it. The Jody beings talking about gay pride saying and I quote: “all that penis and no air conditioning?” lol! Then Jody and Mia begin talking about Mary, and how weird of her to show up uninvited. Meanwhile over at Mary’s house, Mary get a surprising phone from the national anthem audition. The lady tells Mary they loved Mary's audition tape and Mary gets the gig. Mary asks if Robin also got the part and the lady states they are keeping their options open however Mary reminds the lady that Robin did an excellent job.

Amanda gets invited to do a bikini fashion show and Amanda decides to invite Ioulia since they hit it off on their lunch. They both head to get their bikinis fitted doe the fashion show. Jen, the fashion show organizer tells the ladies to take a look around to pick which bikinis they want to wear. While Amanda is happy picking bikinis, Ioulia hasn't found any bikinis she likes. After a rough start Ioulia then finds some pieces that she likes due to great compliments, which Amanda seems turned off by Ioulia since she states Ioulia is taking over. Then the ladies begin to practice runaway while Ioulia is flirty and bubbly, Amanda looks tense and stiff. It’s clear that Amanda comes across awkward since she is annoyed with Ioulia.

Mary invited Robin over to her house and Mary tells Robin if is she has heard from the horse riding event about their national anthem auditions. Mary confesses to Robin that she got the part to sing the Canadian National Anthem, however they are still looking for someone to sing the American National Anthem which Robin is worried and so is Mary.

Meanwhile Jody invites Amanda and Ronnie over to her house to catch up. Jody is baking chocolate cake to feed the homeless which under her charity The Larry Lunch Bucket Society. Amanda updates the ladies on what happened with her and Ioulia at their bikini fitting for the fashion show and how annoyed was with Ioulia. Amanda continues to throw digs at Ioulia, then Ronnie steps in and calls Amanda "you little bitch" which surprises Amanda and responds "thank you Ronnie" and Ronnie replies "You welcome you little bitch", I don’t know if Amanda is used to Ronnie’s sense of humor but by the look of her face, she is clearly not impressed with Ronnie.

Next Robin invites Ronnie over to talk about the whole national anthem drama and Robin mentions to Ronnie that Mary’s producer, Adam butchered the audition demo which she thinks that's the reason why she might not got the part to sing the national anthem. Meanwhile Amanda arrives to Ioulia's house to get a spray tan but before Amanda tells Ioulia then she was thrown off by Ioulia's behavior at the bikini fitting. Ioulia clearly is bothered with Amanda and tells her she should get spray tanned since she decided not to do it after wall.

Robin invites Mary over to her house to discuss about the national anthem audition. Sweet Mary is rocking her 10 inch stilettos and Robin tells Mary how Adam butchered her audition demo. Robin plays Mary the demo and Mary seems to disagree with Robin. Mary thinks Robin may be a little insecure and Mary mentions Robin sounded great in the demo. Meanwhile Ioulia meets her step sons for some drinks and she loves the fact that her step sons can take care of them selves as she says “I’m a fun stepmom, not a nagging one”.

It’s the day of the fashion show and Amanda and Ioulia arrive to get ready. Amanda gets turned off at the fact that Ioulia has many people helping her while she only has one person assisting her. Amanda’s hottie boyfriend, Kyle arrives to support Amanda and Ioulia spots them kissing and Ioulia thinks in not appropriate and she is clearly annoyed with Amanda. Ioulia then decides to swap the bikini that Amanda is supposed to wear which really annoys Amanda even more. The rest of the ladies arrive at the fashion show to support Amanda and Ioulia. Amanda's boyfriend, Kyle introduces himself to the ladies and Jody begins to say how Mary is flirting with Kyle which I completely disagree since they are clearly having a conversation. Ioulia walks first and it's tuned off by it vibe of the show which she comes across awkward and we see Ioulia’s husband in the crowd cheering her on to support her. Amanda then walks out looking gorgeous and confident and makes the best of it, she clearly had lots of fun.

The fashion show ends and Amanda invites the ladies for a dinner celebration. Amanda thanks the ladies for showing up at the fashion show and begins to tell them how at first she was nervous of doing the fashion show since Ioulia ended up wearing her bikini. Ioulia then gets annoyed. Amanda then throws digs at Ioulia by comparing Ioulia’s age with her step kids age telling her that Ioulia’s husband basically married someone near his kids age. Jody seems to agree with Amanda and then Ronnie steps in to defend Ioulia by telling the ladies that wasn't nice then Amanda get’s irritated with Ronnie for getting involved and calls her out for calling her a little bitch the other day. Ronnie responds by calling Amanda a bitch and tells her she's a lady and she's doing anything in her power not to cross around the table and kick her ass. Amanda walks out for some fresh air and calls her boyfriend Kyle for support. Amanda returns back to the restaurant. Ronnie then asks Jody on her opinion on Amanda's behavior. Jody tells Ronnie she finds Amanda refreshing and Ronnie thinks she's too much refreshing. Jody then tells Ronnie she's been nothing but a friend to her and if she wants to cut her friendship due to Amanda then she has no problem doing so. Ronnie then decides to leave and Mary and Robin follow Ronnie and they leave. Ioulia decides to stays for a little bit longer since she's hungry and she doesn't disrespect food lol. The scene ends with Amanda and Jody by saying “suck it up, buttercup!” The preview for next week’s episode continues with more catfights with Mary vs. The Clamans.

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