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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 2: Drag Queens & Drama Queens

This episode opens with Robin inviting Mary out for lunch and they start off by talking about Ronnie's barbeque event. Robin then tells Mary she is going to sing the national anthem and she would like if Mary could join her. Robin tells Mary they however would have to audition for it. Mary is taken a bit back since she is already an established professional Canadian pop singer but agrees to do it to support Robin. Robin tells Mary they need to record a demo and Mary tells Robin her she has a friend who is a producer who we all know is Adam (who helped Mary produce her single “Hero”). Then over at Amanda’s house, Jody arrives since Amanda invited her over to try her kombucha tea. Jody is very surprised and please with Amanda’s business plan and tells Amanda she is going to help her with her business. Jody and Amanda start talking about Ronnie's barbeque event and Ioulia is the main topic of their conversation. Amanda tells Jody that the ladies seem not her type of crows and she doesn’t really trust Ioulia at this point. Amanda throws shade at Ioulia basically stating that all she knows about Russia is that they export wives and vodka and calls her a Russian spy.

Next we have Ioulia. Ioulia then tells her husband that she wants to cook breakfast for him and his sons. Her husband is surprised since Ioulia is not known for her cooking and then Ioulia decided to goes down the street with her stepsons and buys waffles already made, that’s her term of cooking lol. Ioulia’s husband then tells her she is leaving on a business trip in which she is happy to know she is going to have some space.

Amanda introduces us to her boyfriend Kyle Swanson and he's from Seattle, Washington. Amanda tells us she met her boyfriend at treatment due to alcoholism and I have to say he is pure eye candy. We learn they are in a long distance relationship and they live 3 hours away and in different countries. Amanda like to dress her boyfriend since Kyle doesn’t’ care about fashion. Side Note: Kyle is HOT! And he has pierced nipples! Amanda is one lucky girl IMO lol!

Robin invites Ronnie for some shopping for some girl time and to catch up. Ronnie tells Robin she forgives Mary but doesn't forget. Robin then confesses to Ronnie that she is going to record a demo with Mary which surprised Ronnie. Next Mia visits Amanda to catch up and Amanda reveals she hasn't partied with Mia since her sobriety but confesses they used to be party animals prior to her sobriety. Amanda and Mia start discussing about the drag pride event that Jody is planning and Amanda's daughter asks Amanda what is a drag party? Mia's response "When Men like to look just as fabulous as women" which is 100% true. Mia confesses how she loves her gays and she is a queen fag hag, and she's single due to her gays. Side Note: As a gay man I love how supportive the wives are of the LGBT community. Then Amanda tells Mia how irritated she is with Robin. Apparently they went shopping at The Glass House (off camera) and Robin told Amanda not to purchase the same dress Robin just had picked which didn't sit well with Amanda.

Next Ronnie introduces us to Remy's dog, Jackson. Jackson was a gift to Remy by Ronnie after Remy recovered from her near death experience. Ronnie explains how she gets nervous when Remy has to eat, and Ronnie explains she never lets Remy eat alone in which we can all understand why. Every time Remy appears on screen she just melts my heart, what an angel she is.

Mary and Robin go to Adam to record their demos for their National Anthem auditions. Robin tells Adam she has sang before but has never done it professionally. Mary is the first one that hit the recording booth to sing the Canadian National Anthem and then Robin starts to cry due to Mary’s beautiful voice. Robin then is next to the recording studio and starts to sing the American National Anthem. Robin has a rough start at the beginning but then she hits the notes and rocks it. Robin did a great job and Mary gets impressed by Robin's vocals.
Ioulia invites Amanda for coffee and Amanda is a bit hesitant but agrees to attend. Amanda tells Ioulia she felt a bit uncomfortable when they first meet and Ioulia. After having a conversation with Ioulia, Amanda then realized she judged Ioulia wrongly. Amanda tells Ioulia that she was irritated by Robin's negative alcoholism remarks since Amanda is a receiving alcoholic and confesses how her friend died from it and Ioulia and Amanda then have an instant connection.

Ronnie invites Ioulia and Amanda for a spa treatment at her house to relax and catch up. The ladies start talking about Jody, Mary and Robin. Since Ronnie and Amanda don't drink, Amanda then prepares the ladies some of her kombucha tea.

Robin introduces us to Karen her daughters godmother and they discuss about Gay pride and how the Baptist mother doesn’t agree and understand the whole drag pride event but Robin admits she loves her gays. The ladies attend the gay pride event and Jody is all dolled up as a Disney princess look-alike dress. All the ladies attend Jody's drag gay party event which all the ladies were invited expect for Mary. Mary however shows up at Jody’s party not knowing Jody is the hostess since the owner of the club invited Mary personally. Jody sees Mary and is not happy that Mary is at the party and confronts Mary about it. Next Amanda decides to confront Robin the alcoholic comments that Robin made. Amanda tells her she was offended since she is a recovering alcoholic. Robin then apologizes and the episode ends with them hugging it out. Next week like the catfights continue as we see Amanda and Ronnie got at it and I can’t wait.

Photo Credit: Slice