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Recap: RHOV Season 2 - Episode 1: New Faces & Old Wounds

The Real Housewives of Vancouver is back with a new and improved second season. Even though we are really going to miss Reiko and Christina, we all know when you become a “former Real Housewives of …”, you will be referenced as a “Real Housewife” within the fans and media forever, so Reiko and Christina, you both will always be part of The Real Housewives of Vancouver family and we wish them the best of luck this year and many more to come. The show opens with the gorgeous and beautiful Ronnie Negus. Ronnie reflects how much her life has changed since first season and talks about her daughter Remington’s near death experience. Due to this unfortunate event Ronnie has stopped drinking and she is now 4 months sober. Side note: Ronnie was never an alcoholic, just making that clear. How many times have we all had a few glasses of wine? Unfortunately for her, she is on a reality show and editing can make a situation look more dramatic than it really is, just saying.

Ronnie tells her sons she wants to throw a barbeque to honor and thank everyone who was involved on Remy’s recovery such as paramedics, hospital staff, family and close friends. Next we have the fur fabulous Jody Claman. Mia shows up and Jody tells Mia how is her nose feeling since Mia had a nose job as we all found out during the Season One RHOV Reunion. Mia states she is happy and she loves her new look. Jody tells Mia she didn’t really need a nose job since Mia looked beautiful before, in which I agree with Jody however Mia looks great either way in my opinion. Mia tells Jody if she could meet her friend Amanda Hansen to give her business advice since Amanda is starting up her own tea line, Jody accepts since Amanda is a single mother and a friend of Mia.

Ronnie and Mary meet at a local coffee shop to discuss their issues and Ronnie wants Mary to attend Remy’s BBQ event. Mary is a bit hesitant since Jody will also be attending also but Mary decides to go to support both Remy and Ronnie. Then Ronnie and Mary decide to write a friendship contract which is very ala Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Nene and Cynthia Season 4.

Mary goes to an art gallery since she wants to buy some art for her house and meets with art consultant and one of the newest wives, Ioulia Reynolds. Ioulia seems very knowledgeable in the art fields at the end of the day Mary doesn’t buy any art and we find out that Ioulia has the need for speed, does that means that she also lives life in the fast lane like Reiko? Looks like it to me. Ioulia, the Russian beauty is the youngest housewife of the whole Real Housewives franchise at the age of 26.

Ronnie takes Remy horse back riding and then we are introduced to the second new wife, Robin Reichman. Robin offers her horse Giggy for Remy to ride. Soon after Ronnie and Robin sit down and start chatting and as we all already know Robin is originally from Texas and Robin has a Texan accent which I am in love with! Robin confides with Ronnie and tells her, her Twin daughter died at 26 weeks of age and Ronnie then feels an instant connection with Robin due to Remy being born prematurely. Remy seems to bond with Robin so much that Remy decides to invite Robin to her BBQ event.

Next we are introduced to the third and final new wife, Amanda Hansen. Amanda meets with Jody to discuss business tips and we learn Amanda is working on a new tea line. Jody tells Amanda she will help her out and we learn Amanda is an alcoholic and has been sober for 2 and half years. Amanda is a single mother of 3 currently going thought a divorce and has a boyfriend. By the look of her boyfriend’s picture, he looks hot. Amanda devoted with fitness and as she states she wants to look starving, she seems to have some one liners and I love her already. Jody invites Amanda to Ronnie’s BBQ event.

All the ladies arrive to Ronnie’s home and they are all introduced to one another. All the ladies seem to be cordial and get along, I know this is only the first episode and as we all know this might change by episode 3. Ronnie gives a beautiful speech and thanks everyone for attending. Remy also says a speech and I have to say it was one of the sweetest scenes in Real Housewives history, it made me teary and I’m just glad to know Remy is well and alive. Remy tells her godmother Mary if she could sing her a song and Mary sings her new single “Hero” to Remy and I must say Mary is a fabulous singer, but then again I already knew that. That scene was sweet as tea and I loved it. The funniest moment for me during this episode is when Robin and Jody meet for the first time. Robin tells Jody she’s from Texas and Jody tells Robin that her best friend is from Texas, and Robin tells her “what part?” Jody replies “Oklahoma”. I couldn’t stop laughing since Oklahoma is in a different state. Loved this scene!! Overall this episode was nice, sweet and it was a great way to introduce the new wives. All the ladies were cordial to one another but we know that won’t last long. 

What were YOUR thoughts on the first episode of Season 2? Leave a comment below, would love to hear from you.

Photo Credit: Slice