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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 15: The Real Housewives of Paris, Part Un

The RHOBH episode begins with Kim going over to Kyle’s house. Kim’s visit has to do with Taylor’s previous phone call. Kim believes that Taylor has a drinking problem and that she needs to be aware of it. Kim suggests that they both go over to Taylor’s house to have an intervention with Taylor over her drinking. Kyle does not seem too warm to the idea because of past “interventions” that were given to Taylor.  The two call her and let her know that they are going over. Once they arrive, Taylor greets them with joy with having little indication of the impending doom. Kim takes the floor and explains to Taylor what she deduced from the phone call. She tells her that she believes that Taylor has a drinking problem. Kim makes sure to tell her that this isn’t just an isolated incident. Taylor confesses that she does use alcohol to escape the pain and the bad memories she has. She goes on to say that it is easy to take one glass of wine and turn into two and so forth. Kim reinforces to Taylor that her and Kyle are both there for her and want to help her through her problems. Taylor has an epiphany and explains that she needs to step up for her daughter because she is all Kennedy has.  Back in Lisa’s house, Ken and her plan on going to France to visit Ken’s son.

Yolanda is at Mohammed’s new house and plans to have a house warming party to show the girls the new house.  Lisa arrives to the party and talks Paris with Yolanda. They agree to meet up with each other once they are over there. Yolanda invites Brandi as well. Yolanda goes and talks to Marisa and her husband. She prides herself over being honest about wanting to bang other guys. When Kyle arrives to the party, Yolanda tells Kyle about the trip. Kyle tells Yolanda that her and Mauricio are also going. This soon becomes a cast trip. Towards the end of the party, Yolanda calls out Taylor about some rumors she has heard. Yolanda hears that she has a problem with her and Yolanda wants to know the reason. Taylor denies ever having a problem. When Yolanda tells Kyle about the talk, she informs Yolanda that Taylor dislikes her because one of Taylor’s friend’s was married to David Foster. Why is she mad over that when it isn’t even her business? I do not know.

The next day Lisa flies out to France with Ken to stay with Ken’s son and his son’s girlfriend in St. Tropez. The four have tea and catch up. Soon, Lisa and Ken fly by helicopter to meet with the rest of the gang in Paris. While the rest of the ladies are at the airport, they receive a call from Marisa. Marisa informs them that her father in law, Dean’s father, had passed away. She notifies the rest of the girls that she will not be able to go to Paris. Towards the end of the night, the ladies meet at a villa balcony to have a good time. The ladies enjoy the view as well as each other’s company. Kyle becomes a bit worried that Kim is taking long to arrive to their location. When Kim arrives, Kyle and Lisa question her state of mind. She seems to be on some sort of medication or perhaps using drugs again. The episode ends with a display of fireworks that impresses everyone.

By: Mr. Housewife


 Photo Credit: Bravo