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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 13: Game of Scones

by: Mr. Housewife

The RHOBH episode begins with Kyle talking to Mauricio about meeting with Lisa to squash their tension. The two meet at Lisa’s house and enter a conversation about what they consider friendship. Lisa believes that Kyle has not been a good friend because she has not defended her. Lisa brings up Camille’s accusations as an example to Kyle. She believes that Kyle should have said something to Camille about the issue. Kyle reasoned that Lisa was quick to defend herself so she didn’t see the need to help her. Kyle begins to cry because she is saddened over their friendship. Lisa tells Kyle not to cry because there is nothing to cry about. They both end things on a good note and they both agree not to hold grudges and move on to a clean slate.

Yolanda meets with Brandi to discuss the situation that went down in Vegas. She was concerned for Brandi and wanted to see how she was. Yolanda believes that Adrienne is hiding behind her wealth and that she is using her wealth to intimidate others. Brandi tries to absorb all that is being said about Adrienne because she agrees with it. Yolanda thinks that Adrienne should be woman enough to have a conversation with Brandi because the drama has gone on long enough. She also notifies Brandi that she will not be attending the tea party because she will be out of town.

Lisa decides to have her annual tea party and invites all the ladies. This includes Adrienne. Taylor arrives to greet Lisa and Brandi. She delivers a gift to Lisa which turns out to be a vibrator. Brandi gives Taylor a tour of Lisa’s house while Lisa finishes her tea party decoration and preparations. The ladies begin arriving. Brandi and Lisa are shocked to see that Kyle invited Faye over to Lisa’s tea party after what went down at Kyle’s dining room dinner party. All the ladies greet each other and they head off to sit down. Everything starts off smoothly until Taylor begins making passive aggressive remarks about Adrienne’s behavior. She starts making innuendos about lawsuits and lies and everyone quickly picks up on it. Lisa asks Taylor and Brandi to accompany her to get some tea for the table. Lisa takes this as an opportunity to tell Taylor that she needs to cut the crap. She does not want any problems at the party and therefore wants her to stop. When Taylor returns to the table she asks Brandi whether or not she is being sued by Adrienne. Brandi confirms that she is indeed getting sued. Adrienne overhears the conversation and becomes angry. Adrienne says that there is no lawsuit while Brandi says that there is. The two exchange very heated words that get the table involved. She believes that Brandi is too concerned about her life and wishes her to stop. Adrienne stands firm on the no-law-suit argument. Brandi storms off determined to unmask Adrienne’s lies. She reasons that if Adrienne denies all lawsuit allegations, Brandi will expose her by showing everyone the paperwork. While the Brandi and Adrienne battle rages on, smaller fights are forming around them. Make sure you watch next week’s episode to find out!


Photo Credit: Bravo