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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 12: Kim Nose Best

By: Mr. Housewife
The BH episode begins with the ladies in Vegas. Brandi is showing the ladies how to pole dance. All the ladies go up on the pole to show the world what they have. The only person that seems to have a problem with it is Marisa. She does not believe that pole dancing empowers women. Lighten up Marisa, it’s just for fun! When Camille takes the stage, she seems like a natural! Her dancer skills and moves are showcased perfectly! Back in BH, Adrienne meets with designers to discuss handbag designs and ideas. They are “maloof-alicious!” The ladies wrap up their session and head out. While in the limo, Kyle receives a call from Kim who is back in LA. She notifies Kyle that she wants to have a nose job. Kyle is not so sure about the idea but reserves her comments.  The other ladies are also not sure that that is a smart move because Kim seems unprepared.

Kim goes to the doctor to complete her nose job. She greets the staff and waits for the doctor. She is then hauled off to surgery. She emerges beautiful as ever. The only sad part is that no one is there by her side. Adrienne soon meets with Paul because she is going to take him to a hair removal place. Paul will get his back fur removed!  It turns out to be a bit painful but he manages.
Back in Las Vegas, the ladies meet up for dinner n their best attires. They all pick up an alcoholic beverage and are surprisingly joined by Yolanda too. Since she is no longer on a cleanse, she is drinking straight tequila! That is my kind of girl! The ladies sit down to enjoy their meals. To wish a dinner party in RHOBH to go well is a wish well wasted. Kim is brought up and Kyle tries to remain neutral in the situation. Jennifer believes that Kim is putting her sobriety in jeopardy if she is going to be taking pain pills due to the surgery. Jennifer believes that it can awaken the beast because Kim is newly sober. You could tell the Kyle was not comfortable with the topic and tries to cut each question short. Adrienne is brought up by Camille because she misses her. Brandi says that she misses her too but her actions are what brought them to this point. Lisa tells Brandi to tell the group what Adrienne was up to last reunion. Apparently, Adrienne wanted Brandi to go against Lisa. Brandi called Camille to explain the situation and Camille advised Brandi to just be calm and speak her truth. Camille explains that Adrienne was upset at the Maloof Hoof comment that Lisa made because it could be damaging to her brand. Lisa then jumps in and calls out Camille and blurts out that Camille knew that Lisa was getting attacked on the reunion. Camille denied ever knowing that. Brandi called Camille a liar. Camille then stormed off saying that she did not appreciate that fact that she was thrown under the bus. Kyle runs after her. Camille comes back in to tell Lisa that Adrienne was upset that Pandora chose Planet Hollywood and not the Palms as her bachelorette party. Brandi then says that Adrienne owns 2% of the Palms. Kyle immediately gets defensive and says that’s not cool which it totally isn’t. Why would Brandi even say that? Who cares if it's public knowledge! She meant it in a hurtful way! Then she cries about paying 10,000 dollars for a lawyer when she can’t shut her damn mouth. Lisa defends Brandi and says that it’s public knowledge. Camille then brings up Lisa’s restaurants. Lisa fires back and says that she owns 51% of it. Kyle defends Adrienne some more while Yolanda says it’s not her job to defend her. She believes that it’s a waste of time to defend someone who isn’t there and a waste of time to talk about the same issue for 3 dinner parties. Yolanda then gets up because she has to go. Kyle and Camille leave with her.
Kim’s recovery is going well. Kyle visits her when she gets back from Vegas. She notifies Kyle that she is not taking any pain medication while she smokes her electronic cigarette. Lisa has a one on one with Ken and she tells him how the Vegas dinner went down. She questions Kyle’s friendship because she feels that she does not defend her. The episode ends in a cloud of drama where the ladies will continue in yet another dinner party.

Photo Credit: Bravo