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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 15: Praise The Pageant

by: Mr. Housewife

The RHOA episode begins with Kenya in the Bailey Agency. She walks in with a new girl who wants to enter Cynthia’s pageant. Cynthia is interested in the model and asks her to fill out a school and pageant form. Kenya asks Cynthia what is wrong and Cynthia says that she is overwhelmed with the details of the pageant. Since she has to do everything herself, Kenya volunteers to be a judge because she wants to help as best as she can. Cynthia is reluctant to accept her help given past situations but agrees and makes her a judge.

Porsha meets with Kordell for some lunch. The two talk about their future and Kordell asks about a baby. Kordell wants to make sure that Porsha is extremely ready to have this baby. She is ready but suggests to Kordell that they have a baby and a nanny. He rejects the idea because he doesn’t want a nanny. Porsha wants to borrow her brother’s baby as practice but is quickly shut down.
Phaedra, Apollo, Kandi, and Todd come over to Phaedra house for a quick dinner done by Chef Roble. They all sit down for their course meal. The girls talk about a possible trip to Los Angeles to visit Nene and a Vegas trip to celebrate. Meanwhile, Kandi explores her gospel record with her producers.

Back at Nene’s house, Cynthia and Nene catch up because she has been in LA. Cynthia tells Nene that she s planning to make Kenya a judge. Nene advises Cynthia otherwise because of what happened last time at the Bailey Agency. The two continue to gossip. Cynthia tells Nene that they are all going to see her in LA and then go to Vegas. The two are excited and toast to the future.  

Porsha’s niece arrives at Porsha’s house to babysit. Porsha gives her a twizzler and changes her diaper. She hands over the babysitting job to her dog Niko while she cooks dinner. Of course she is kidding but she looks like she is having fun babysitting her.

It is finally the day for Cynthia’s pageant and things are going well. They are until Cynthia picks up Boris and he is not in a tux. Cynthia sees this as a bad sign. Kenya is in her full Miss USA gown and sash and Kandi finds it amusing. All the girls are dressed up and ready to put on a show. Cynthia is having trouble with the scripts because they seem to be out of order. It is time for the show to start. When the girls begin to walk out on stage, they do so glamorously. The show starts well but midway names are being read wrong. The show starts being a disaster so they are forced to take an intermission. It is time for evening wear and the girls are starting to bring the show back together. The crew counts the votes and names the winner. Congratulations to Cynthia for completing her first pageant! All the ladies are proud of her! Next week’s episode is set to air in two weeks so don’t miss it!

Photo Credit: Bravo