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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 14: Prayed Up

by: Mr. Housewife
The RHOA episode begins with our dear little Porsha trying on dresses for Kordell’s 40th birthday party. Porsha has her mother and sister judging her dresses. She wants his party to be a nice and formal Harlem Renaissance party. Her mom and sister both love Porsha’s dresses and figure. Porsha goes on a stroll to visit Kandi at her home. The two talk over tea about Kenya’s indiscretions at Nene’s charity event. Phaedra tells Kandi that she does really care about Kenya.  She believes her to be delusional and unimportant. Speaking of Kenya, we are taken to her and her doctor’s appointment. She has gone with her aunt to get an ultrasound on her breasts because she has felt lumps. She nervously walks into the doctor’s office and expresses her concern over the matter. The doctor has to conduct a biopsy on tissue on both of her breasts to rule out the possibility of cancer.

While Porsha goes to a venue to check out a possible location for Kordell’s party, Cynthia is at her agency trying to set up the last details of her pageant. She tells her crew that Porsha did not want to meet at her house because she did not want to have strangers over at her house. When Porsha arrives, she is met with witty remarks by the Bailey Boys. They continue speaking about pageant and try to iron out last minute details. Porsha arrives home and plays basketball with Kordell. She tries to tell him about the Bailey Agency mishap but is met with resistance. Kordell does not seem pleased that Cynthia is acting the way she is and tells her to check it. In other news, Kandi tells her producers that she wants to try gospel music.

Porsha and Cynthia go to lunch to talk about the pageant. Cynthia tells Porsha that she does not think it's a good idea for her to help. Cynthia feels that everything on Porsha’s end is not completed and it is holding back her progress. Porsha feels a bit insulted but the two reach an non peaceful agreement. It is the night of Kordell’s casino party and everything seems to be going according to plan. Regardless of any tension between Cynthia and Porsha, Cynthia attends the party out of respect.  Walter arrives to the party and tells Kordell and Peter that he and Kenya are no longer dating. The men tell Walter that he is always invited to their events because they don’t care about the Kenya drama. Kordell talks to Cynthia about the pageant mishap and suggests that they drop it because it’s just petty. Cynthia is taken aback by his words because they come off as a bit controlling. Porsha joins the conversation and is scolded by Kordell when he says that Porsha and Cynthia are both annoying for creating problems.

It is results day for Kenya. Her aunt accompanies her once again. They walk in together for the results. The doctor gives Kenya great news. The lumps in her breasts are benign and pose no threat. The doctor does inform Kenya that she wants to monitor the lumps just to make sure that they are not growing or that they won’t cause future problems. Overall, the episode ends in a good note.

Photo Credit: Bravo