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Recap: Mob Wives Season 3 - Episode 5: The Gathering Storm

by: Kristy
The shows opener began with Ramona meeting up with Karen & Big Ang discuss her birthday party plans for her daughters. Ramona tells the girls that she has a phone call she needs to make, but is very reluctant to do so. Her daughter wants to invite Drita's daughter to the party, Karen reflects back on the last time all the ladies were together. Does "Death at a funeral" ring any bells? Ramona as a mother will do anything for her kids, she's making that call!

We join Renee back at Rehab during a group session where the focus is understanding anger and practicing forgiveness. Renee confronts a fellow group member in the middle of the session for supposedly talking about her earlier in the day. People pass judgment way too quickly, walk a mile in someone's foot steps and then tell them what you think. The instructor interjects during Renee ripping the group member and says that Renee is being irrational. Yes, that's always the way to get #TheQueen to respond well to you!

Ramona makes that ever important call to Drita...Sucess! Drita agrees to meet Ramona but is ever so reluctant to do so. For now the skies seem hopeful and what we as adults can't solve somehow our children make it a little more easier to do. Karen meets with her friend Storm to discuss investing her money into her daughter for a possible singing career. She is making positive choices to become smarter with her money since meeting with her financial planner. Karen really hopes that giving Karina this opportunity to explore music will persuade her more to make that move to New York, she just wants her baby close by!

Ramona & Drita finally meet and they sit and talk like ladies! Success! They both reflect on the past years havoc and agree that the things you do once you become a mother can and will blow your mind. Cease fire has been put into effect and at least for now there is peace in the valley. #ThankYouJesus

D-Day finally arrives! Joe drops the bomb on Carla that he wants a divorce, he actually refers to the failed marriage as a "business arrangement". Harsh you say? Perhaps it was, but then again I'm a believer in #Karma and that's all ill say on that. The girls birthday party was a success and everyone had a terrific time! Karen also gets the girls into the studio for the first time, they meet with the vocal coach. Success! Karen is one proud mama!

Ramona met with Joe’s attorney to discuss his court case and see if there are any new developments. However she drops the biggest bomb of the night that no one expected...she's ENGAGED! Talk about a best kept secret! Congrats beautiful girl, you've earned the right to finally have happiness just how you want it! God Bless.

In the closing moments of the show we revisited the destruction and unspeakable horror that was Hurricane Sandy. In a matter of hours the lives of thousands was uprooted and nothing was left the same. The ladies came together during the devastating time of need and despite any differences still brewing nothing else mattered but safety. We as a nation survived Hurricane Sandy together, but more importantly the efforts of many banned together to prove the great state of New York can't be broken! The recovery process is still ongoing but We Will Rebuild! God Bless!

Photo Credit: VH1