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Mr. Housewife's Top 12 Real Housewives Fights!

Mr. Housewife presents to you he's Top 12 Real Housewives catfights of 2012, so let's break it down...

12. RHOC Season 7: Heather vs. Sarah and Alexis

Heather’s party was a very beautiful celebration. She had amazing scenery, great decorations, and a petite cake with a bow on it. Hell broke loose when Heather found out that Sarah tried to eat a part of her cake. Heather quickly notified Tamra and Vicki of the tragedy of the cake occurrence. Their reactions fueled Heather’s anger. She confronted Sara about the bow but Sara seemed indifferent about it. She did not believe that it was a big deal considering the fact that she has a low blood sugar problem. Heather tries to be understanding but Sarah does not seem to be sorry. Alexis come to Sarah’s aide and tells the girls that it is not a big deal. She does not want them to gang up on Sarah like they did with her in Costa Rica. Fed up, Heather asks Sara to leave because she does not seem to offer an apology nor does she seem to care that she is disrespecting Heather’s house and getting everyone riled up.

11. RHONY Season 5: Ramona vs. Aviva

To hope that the drama after St Barths would subside was a waste of a wish. There was too much anger and tension between Aviva and Ramonja for things to just dissipate. In an attempt to fix thing with Ramona, Aviva calls Ramona for lunch. The lunch started off calm but things quickly escalated. Aviva explained how she felt a bit betrayed that Ramona was not more supportive of her given her situation. Ramona re-explains the concept of a girls’ trip which angers Aviva. Aviva questions Ramona’s alcohol consumption and tells her that she uses Sonja to make herself seem more sober. This does not sit well with Ramona. The two exchange very heated words. Ramona tries to remove herself from the situation and Aviva taunts her by reminding her off how often she flees conflict. Ramona leaves the lunch, picks up her coat, and exits. Aviva remains at the table trying to relax at the same time processing what just happened.

10. RHOV Season 1: Jody vs. Mary, Christina, Ronnie, and Reiko
The terror that is Jody Claman got what she deserved on the season finale of season one. Ronnie set up a dinner among the five ladies to provide an intervention for Jody. Mary, Reiko, and Christina all attacked Jody on her past behavior and antics. They had a problem with how Jody had no regard for others’ feelings. As expected, Jody reflected each and every last accusation that was thrown her way and threw back an insult of her own.  We were surprised to see the side that Ronnie took. She defended Mary for once and told Jody that her behavior towards everyone was disgusting and calculating. She expressed how she was happy that she saw things the way they were and that she finally saw what a total bitch she was being towards Mary. Ronnie’s final words were that she was never going to speak to Jody again. Jody got up from the table and stormed off.

9. RHOM Season 2: Karent vs. Adrianna, Marysol, Alexia

In an attempt to soothe over the drama or make it worse, Alexia called a dinner party meeting for all the ladies to attend. The fight that broke out was among Marysol, Adrianna, Alexia, and Karent. The ladies confronted Karent over her so called bad behavior. They said that she is pretentious, likes to be the center of attention, likes to butt in conversations, and that she is a shit-stirrer. All 3 ladies contributed to the fight. When it came time for Karent to speak on her behalf, she was silenced by Marysol who said that she did not want to hear anything that Karent had to say. Luckily for her, Joanna and Lisa jumped to Karent’s defense.

8. RHONJ Season 4: Caroline vs. Teresa

When the NJ wives traveled to Napa, California for Caroline’s 50th birthday, things were anything but calm. The much awaited face-off between Teresa and Caroline had finally arrived and it was nothing short of shocking. Caroline had been listening in on Teresa’s and Kathy’s conversation and her facial expressions showed her boiling anger. When Teresa came to talk to Caroline to offer an apology, Caroline gave her a cold shoulder. Teresa was still confused as to why Caroline did not accept her apology. Caroline explained that she is fake and her apology was not heartfelt. She believes that Teresa does not know how to take responsibility for her actions which is why she does not want a relationship with her. Jacqueline sleeps on the couch while Melissa and Kathy are on the sidelines. Lauren and Caroline call Teresa a disgrace. The hurt in Teresa’s eyes was undeniable but she tried to play it off. Joe walks to Teresa to haul her off and the two leave the group to pack to leave back to New Jersey.

7. RHOBH Season 3: Brandi vs. Adrienne

Back in Beverly Hills, Brandi and Kim were having a heart to heart about the crystal meth addict comment on last season. Kim began to cry because she was still hurt over the comment. Their moment was interrupted when Adrienne loudly said that Kim was crying. This did not rub off well on Brandi and she said STFU to Adrienne. Adrienne was taken aback by the sudden display of aggression from Brandi. Adrienne explained that she was just concerned with Kim’s well being. Brandi held that Adrienne was being obnoxious because she was just calling attention to Kim’s emotions and making them public. Kim walked off to the restroom and was followed by Brandi. As soon as the two left, it became a table discussion about whether Brandi was right in expressing herself in the manner in which she did.

6. RHOA Season 4 Reunion: Nene vs. Sheree

Although Nene and Sheree did not have a pleasant season together, it was no surprise that the two collided on the reunion. While insults were being hurled back and forth, one of Sheree’s insults struck a chord with Nene. Sheree attacked Nene’s son and his alleged shoplifting at Wal-mart. Although it is an unwritten rule to not attack the children, Sheree did not hold back. Nene lectured her on why she shouldn’t bring up the children and let her know that it is not a reflection of her parenting. She is very rich, bitch.

5. RHONY Season 5: Aviva vs. Ramonja

While St. Barths is always a beautiful place with amazing scenery, it has also been the home for explosive fights between the housewives. Ramona and Sonja had strong opinions about the significance of a girl’s trip. Because of Aviva’s phobia of heights, she wanted to bring along Reid to accompany her. When the Dreschers arrived, they were greeted with open arms by Carole and Heather not by Ramona and Sonja. When news surfaced that Ramonja wanted to Reid to stay at a hotel, sweet Aviva quickly became enraged. She calmly confronted Ramonja about the situation but it quickly got out of hand. Aviva began questioning the ladies about their motives. Ramona asked Aviva to not raise her voice. Things seemed calm until Luann stirred the pot and created chaos. A shouting match ensued. Ramona yelled at Aviva and told her to take a xanax. Aviva fired back and called Ramonja white trash.

4. RHOC Season 7: Vicki vs. Tamra

Two friendships hit a tumultuous halt the night of Heather’s name change party. When the gang is sitting at the table about to toast their champagne, Vicki toasts to Alexis since she is not there. Tamra rolls her eyes and looks away. Brooks caught wind of this and confronts Tamra from across the table. The two exchange some heated words before Vicki attempts to stop the two. The fight quickly escalates when Brooks tells Tamra that she tried to give Vicki the evil eye. Tamra loses her temper and shouts at Brooks. Vicki is confused because she doesn’t know why Tamra is acting in the manner in which she is. The two stand up and shout in each other’s faces. Vicki storms off with Brooks but is followed by Tamra. Vicki expresses her disdain over Tamra’s behavior. She is disgusted because Tamra is supposed to be her friend, her soulmate, her sister. She exits leaving Tamra in disbelief.

3. RHOM Season 2 Reunion: Ana vs. Lea

The RHOM ladies entered their first official reunion and fans were not prepared to see two favorites feuding on camera. It became apparent that a lot had happened between Ana and Lea since they last filmed the show. Ana was very confrontational towards Lea and did not back down. Ana challenged Lea’s reputation and credibility and went as far as to say that all that she has accomplished has been on her back. Lea snapped back with comments about Ana’s husband’s infidelity and her inability to divorce someone who has been screwing someone else for the past two years. The two went head to head, each remark as juicy as the last. Their tension will carry over to season 3 which will make for an excellent season.

2. RHOA Season 4: Sheree vs. Marlo

Things in Africa were anything but peaceful and that is evident in the absurd yet catastrophic fight between Sheree and Marlo. Sheree had been invited to a dinner by a friend in Africa and only planned on inviting Kandi and Phaedra. When Sheree extended the invitation to only Cynthia, sparks erupted when Cynthia told Nene and Marlo about the secret invitation. Marlo quickly became enraged and confronted Sheree. The fight quickly became heated when Marlo said Sheree didn’t have a man because she hangs out with a bunch of *ags. The battle soon took a turn for the worst when wealth, sugar daddies, repossessed items, and Rolexes where added in the mix. Nene had to step up and calm the monster inside of Marlo.

1. RHOM Season 2: Adriana vs. Joanna

The fight that takes the number one spot is the slap heard around the world. In the hot temperatures of Miami, things got heated between Adrianna and Joanna which led to an eruption of drama.  Adrianna was confronting Karent over an article that was posted that called the RHOM ladies ‘classless fame addicts with botox for brains.’ While Karent was trying to explain her side of the story, Joanna joined the conversation. Adrianna barked for her to butt off which quickly angered Joanna. It became of battle of status and accomplishments! Adrianna stormed off but was pursued by Joanna! Joanna puts a hand on her shoulder and Adrianna swings around and slaps Joanna hard. The two struggled and practically wrestle along the hallway until they are separated by staff. Just when you think it's over, Adrianna makes one final attempt to hit Joanna by grabbing the broom but is quickly shut down by Lisa.

Photo Credit: Slice and Bravo