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iRH Presents: Ioulia Reynolds Tribute by Team Ioulia!

We are back giving another Real Housewife of Vancouver a tribute from their Team! Last time we brought you tributes to both Ronnie Negus and Jody Claman, and now this week we are bring you a tribute to one of the newest housewives, Ioulia Reynolds. I reached to Jean-Claude who is the person behind @IReynoldsFansRH on Twitter and tell us why he admires and supports Ioulia and his fascination with RHOV. Jean-Claude writes the following: "Ioulia Reynolds - Fantastic wife, devoted stepmother, kind soul awesome friend and most of all a my love!! I became a fan of watching The Real Housewives of Vancouver instantly as someone following the franchise since day one back in the OC however I never knew that they'd finally feature someone who was from abroad and was a Brit! (Cat and Lisa) But I quickly became acquainted with Ioulia & just for the record it's (yoo-lee-ah). She was to appear on season 1 however couldn't commit at the time however with season 2 in full effect she's captured the hearts of many already and were only on episode 4! Slice has really finally struck gold with her why? Because breaking she’s housewife history as the youngest housewife 1 and 2 finally shedding light that their other people who are from all walks of life. But most of all the biggest heart and that is what I liked the most. I also happen to run her fan page and that's been a great ride supporting Ioulia!!
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Running her fan page @IReynoldsFansRH has been nothing but an amazing experience the out pour of positive energy from everyone and all the RHOV teams. @RonnieNegusFans who's been such a good friend helping me on this journey and most importantly Ioulia herself for supporting promoting the page and simply being just such a doll! , I soon went from a fan to being great friends actual friends with her! (Which at this time couldn't be anymore perfect) and what you see is definitely what you get. She's been like a fairy godmother to me, always there when I need her so real, sweet and humble lets not possibly funny!! And all above honest! Apart from RHOV she’s trailblazing and building a empire all of her own sending the message that women can do it to and the sky is the limit! And I also admire the fact Ioulia is also doing RHOV to also bring to the forefront issues regarding immigration laws & deportation and in the process teach all of us a thing or two about fine art :)
Jean-Claude, @iReynoldsFansRH
Theirs no simple way to put it but after this season I promise you all will be #Teamioulia :) and with that being said I hope that everyone enjoys this season of The Real Housewives Of Vancouver and many many more to come A big hug and kiss to all and for those who've supported me & Ioulia it means a lot and were both equally grateful for it and appreciate it a lot and to the haters also we wouldn't be here without you guys either however a new hobby is in order ! Hugs & positive vibes to all. xoxo - @IReynoldsfansRH"

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Photos Credit: Slice, Twitter