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Recap: RHOM Season 2 Reunion - Part 2

The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 reunion started off with Adrianna’s accusations towards Joanna. She believes that Joanna slept with Joe Francis because he said so himself. Joanna immediately fires back and discredits him because he is a liar and a felon.
Ana interrupts the conversation and says that she had a conversation with Joe Francis where he admitted that Lea brought him to the party because she knew of Joe’s and Joanna’s past. Lea quickly goes on the defense and calls it a false accusation. Joanna says that she regrets her behavior because she drank too much but she doesn’t regret defending Karent. Karent explained the article that sparked the fight and said that the blogger told the world that those were not Karent’s words. Adrianna apologizes to Karent for having taken it so far. She should have listened to Joanna from the beginning. Andy asks why Adrianna calls Joanna a call girl. Joanna explains that some jackass stole her pictures and sold them illegally for a hooker website. She explains that she is not a call girl but she has done Playboy.
Joe Francis is explored again and Ana says that Lea had the intention to out Joanna at Lisa’s party. Lea calls this a false claim and tells Ana that she is committing a character assassination. The two battle it out. Ana calls Lea old and Lea tells Ana that she is boring and irrelevant.  Alexia joins the ladies and she explains her limited role. She explains Frankie’s accident and his road to recovery. Andy brings up her other son Peter and how he hit a homeless man. Alexia explains that he has had a hard time dealing with Frankie’s accident and although she does feel bad for him, she does not condone his behavior.  The conversation turns to Karent and Alexia. Some facts are exchanged about Rudolfo as to why he was visiting Alexia in the hospital when he was supposedly dating Karent. Alexia explains that she knows Rudolfo because he has been featured in her magazine before.
Andy turns the conversation to Karent and asks whether she was a shit stirrer throughout the season. She explains that she was just being a good friend to Joanna which is why she told her the gossip that surrounded them. Andy asks why Alexia was so annoyed of Karent. She says that she did not acknowledge her or try to converse with her when in fact she has had a deep conversation with her before the show started filming. Ana tells Karent that Rudolfo has denied Karent as his girlfriend. Lisa says that the ladies had ill intentions in bring the cheating article to Karent. She explains that she just wanted to see her reaction to the terrible news. Ana and Alexia quickly defend themselves and say that this was all in Lisa’s head. Lisa becomes angered and calls them hypocrites. When the topic of rumors was floating around, Alexia said she was disgusted by what Joanna said about her husband being gay. She says that anything that comes out of Joanna’s mouth is garbage and she speaks out of jealousy. Another rumor that hurt another one of the ladies in Miami was Lea’s green card comment to Marysol. She said that her comment invalidated her marriage and made it seem fake.

Mama Elsa joins the room and addresses the Joanna accusations and Joanna apologizes to her. The reunion takes a humorous turn when she takes the floor and it lightens up the mood.  The RHOM give their goodbyes and bid farewell to season 2. I for one totally think that RHOM needs to be renewed for another season! This reunion proved that there are underlying tensions that WILL erupt in season 3! I hope Andy hears our cries and renews them for another season! Farewell to the ladies! We will miss you! xox
Written by: Mr. Housewife
Photo Credit: Bravo