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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 8: Vanderpump Rules

The RHOBH episode resumes at Kyle’s house. The vicious attack on Brandi was just carried out and Brandi does not engage in the fight. She walks away from the fight in tears. Lisa advises Kyle to go after Brandi and bring her back inside.
Once outside, Kyle notices that Brandi is crying and tries to comfort her. She tells Kyle that she is not going back inside because she does not want to be in that environment. Meanwhile, Lisa is defending Brandi because Faye’s comments were uncalled her. This is truly sad to see. I really do feel for Brandi. It makes me sad because the appearance she gives off is that of a battered woman who lifelessly gets back up after a beating. In other words, I feel as though Brandi is used to these altercations with women which is why she gets angry and defensive but it still hurts her because she is sensitive. I, for one, did not agree with what Brandi said about Adrienne but no one deserves to be treated the way Brandi has been treated.

The next day Marisa heads over to Kyle’s house for some yoga! The two discuss the fight over dinner that happened the day before and Kyle says some interesting things. She believes that Brandi is not sorry for what she said about Adrienne. This only proves to me that Faye is Kyle’s puppet and she spoke Kyle’s thoughts! Kyle does not open her mouth because she would get a blacklash from Lisa! Looks like Kyle’s and Lisa’s relationship is starting to show some underlying tension. Back at Taylor’s house, a psychic wannabe visits her house to clean it of bad energy. The reading consisted of a series of twitchings and muscle spams that apparently held revelations from the man up above. While we watched in disbelief, Taylor lent her support. Later on, Taylor got the shocking news that her legal matters would be settled in exchange for some designer bags and her wedding ring. Terrible isn’t it? Yes it is. These soul-less people have a special place in hell. I genuinely felt bad for Taylor but she did what she had to do to settle her husband’s debts. I am very proud of her. The remainder of the episode consisted of Brandi and Scheana. Lisa and Brandi go out shopping and Lisa tells Brandi that Scheana would lie to meet with Brandi to discuss the Eddie situation. Brandi reluctantly agrees to do so. Lisa suggests that they meet at Sur.
At Sur, Schena looks nervous but wants to confront the situation head on. She would like to speak to Brandi because she feels it is time to address the situation. Brandi arrives to the Sur and sits down with Scheana. Tension was felt as soon as the two caught eyesight. Scheana starts off with an apology and Brandi accepts. Scheana goes on to explain her side of the story and how hurt she was when shit hit the fan. She explains that she did not know Eddie was married and that she did not know he had a family. She continues on to say that although she was young and naïve, she is not excusing her behavior. Brandi, with her guard up, tells Scheana she should not be crying because she has nothing to cry about because she was not the one that lost her family. She tells Scheana that she was a once a week thing and had it not been for her, she might have still been married to Eddie. Scheana tells Brandi that they certainly went out more than once a week because they went to dinner and bars throughout the week. Brandi asks if any of her friends knew and is surprised to know that one of her friends knew about the affair but lied to Brandi about knowing. The conversation ends on a not-so-bad-note. Scheana and Brandi both receive closure. Brandi pats Scheana on the shoulder goodbye and exits.
Written by: Mr. Housewife

Photo Credit: Bravo