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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 11: Stars and Strips

by: Mr. Housewife

The RHOBH episode begins with Yolanda serving food for incoming guests Kyle, Lisa, and Suzanne. They  talk about aging gracefully while enjoying some non alcoholic drinks.  Suzanne tells the ladies that she takes a lot of pills to maintain her youth. She wants to live until she is 110 and still maintain her sex life. We are then taken to Brandi who is training to for her burlesque and stripping classes that she will teach in Las Vegas. Little did we know that Brandi had a little stripper in her!

Back at Kyle’s house, Sophia is graduating for elementary school and Kyle is throwing a little celebration. Paul and Adrienne join them and they discuss Brandi. Faye tells the Maloofs that she stood up for them and they commended her for it. The focus is reshifted to Sophia and Kyle and Grandma Estella exchange some beautiful words with Sophia. Kim did not attend because she was sorting matters in her house. She is fixing her photos and while talking plastic surgery. Meanwhile, Brandi, Marisa, and Lisa are packing for their Vegas trip. Ken tells Lisa that she could show the ladies a bit about stripping but Lisa says she will not participate in any stripping demonstrations.

The RHOBH are all in the limo in their way to the hotel room. They arrive to the Four Season Hotel and check in to their room. Yolanda did not leave with the ladies because she decided to stay home with her husband.  She discusses her philosophy on men. She says that they should be catered to and they should be made felt like they are kings in their home. Back in Vegas, Brandi, Marisa, Kyle, Camille, Lisa and friends have dinner. Brandi exchanges stories about her ex and her struggles. Brandi hopes that Kyle sympathizes with her since she has been previously married and knows the pain of divorce. Leann is brought up only to be trashed by all the women. They continue their fun night which is strange since every dinner party ends in an explosion in BH. The ladies try oysters and they make Kyle try them. She opposes the idea but Brandi forces it in her.

Kim goes to the plastic surgeon to discuss the possibility of a nose job. The two talk details and pain.  In Vegas, the ladies gather around the pool and are joined by Yolanda. Yolanda receives a vegetable juice that is dark green. It is carrots and spinach. Lisa gives it a try but is disgusted by it. The ladies make their way to Brandi’s class venue to preview what Brandi will be showcasing. While Brandi practices what she is going to say, she stumbles on her words because she can’t find the right words. She receives words of encouragement from the other ladies. Next week’s episode looks insane! Season 1 Camille is back! Make sure you check out the previews!

Photo Credit: Bravo