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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 10: Home Is Where the Art Is

by: Mr. Housewife

The BH ladies began the episode at the Moroccan party. Brandi’s scream was heard around the group. Mauricio tells Brandi that she needs to call Adrienne to settle the dispute. He shows her no mercy and absolutely will not take any of Brandi’s excuses in the matter. Brandi defends herself and says she tried to talk to her twice before. She tells Mauricio to STFU. Ken jumps in and defends Brandi. In all honesty, Lisa and Ken are right to stand by their friend BUT they should encourage her to seek a meeting with Adrienne to settle the dispute. She shouldn’t enable her behavior by sympathizing with her about the lawyer costs. Point is, Brandi said something she wasn’t supposed to and she should deal with the consequences. Brandi runs off to the restroom and is followed by Yolanda and Lisa. Taylor says she has gone through more so all this drama is beneath her. Camille just sits there and listens but she doesn’t care for what she says. Being the bigger man, Mauricio stands up and apologizes to Brandi. That is very nice of him even though I believe that Brandi didn’t deserve the apology. He was just speaking the truth. While this was going on, Ken kept saying typical man. Based on his comments and remarks, I have a lower than normal opinion of Ken.
The next day, Adrienne and Paul go and visit Kyle and Mauricio at their house. The two couples sit down for lunch and discuss the Brandi situation. Adrienne says that she would appreciate if Brandi would call her to handle the situation but she claims that Adrienne has made no such call. Meanwhile, Yolanda is decorating Mohammed’s house. They have a great relationship that allows them to work together and respect each other. Back at Kim’s house, Kim meets with her psychic to do a reading on the house. The psychic tells her that she has spirits around her house and that they are the spirits of her future grandkids. Freaky?  A little. Back in the shopping world, Kyle talks about her business ventures. She will partner up with another Alene store. She and Faye go manikin shopping because Faye will design Kyle’s store.
Later that night, Marisa and her hubby meet up with Brandi to catch up because they really hit it off at Kyle’s dinner party. Brandi loves Marisa but feels like she is a little too blunt around her husband and often times comes off disrespectful. Marisa tells us that Dean is a movie producer that has worked in great studio films. Brandi brings up a potential Vegas trip that she will be going to show other women to find their inner sexy.  The next day, Brandi’s friends set up an art show to which the ladies will be attending. She calls Kyle to settle the peace which seems to work. Brandi shows up with Jennifer Jimenez and greets the artists. The rest of the ladies show up and check out his work. Yolanda takes a particular interest in a painting and practically insults the artist by trying to negotiate with him to lower the price of his work to half off. Mauricio shows up to the art event and tries to make peace with Ken and Lisa. He offers a fancy gin bottle to Ken, as what I can infer to be a peace offering, and is met by a smart remark. Mauricio is really trying to make an effort here and Ken dismisses any effort because he is above everyone. Lisa joins in the conversation and gives Mauricio a dose of awkward. Mauricio tells Kyle but she advices him to brush it off.

Photo Credit: Bravo