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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 13: Make An Ass Out Of A Donkey

by: Mr. Housewife

The episode starts off with the battle of the workouts. Phaedra is at her Donkey Booty photo shoot while Kenya is at the gym working out. Kenya tells her trainer about the Donkey Booty tape and throws an insult to Phaedra that she looks like a man. If anyone looks like a man, it’s Kenya! Cynthia meets with a pageant planner to do her own pageants. She tells him that she was discovered during a pageant. She will focus on the age group in which she was discovered in. They discuss entrance fees for the pageants and other details. Later that afternoon, Porsha meets with Kenya for lunch. Porsha does not know why Kenya called her but they quickly get down to the nitty gritty. Kenya called her to talk about the Phaedra situation. She wants to explain her side of the story. Porsha is puzzled as to why Kenya will feel the need to explain herself. Kenya quickly says that Phaedra is giving her bad info. Porsha defends herself by saying that Phaedra has nothing to do with their strained relationship because theirs was pre Kenya v. Phaedra. Kenya tells Porsha that she is just a pawn and insults Porsha. The two leave the restaurant while exchanging polite insults. Bye ashy!

Cynthia meet with her pageant planner Cy to discuss location and pageant details. Porsha meets up with her because she will be the non-profit sponsor for Cynthia’s non-profit organization. The two iron out details and responsibilities. Later than night, Cynthia, Porsha, Phaedra, and Kandi go to a Moroccan restaurant for some relaxation. Porsha tells the ladies about her encounter with Kandi and she receives mixed opinions. Phaedra says that she is bipolar and has a drinking problem. Porsha tells the ladies that she can sing and Kandi calls her out. When she is about to debut her voice, she is interrupted by music.

Nene meets with her acting coach to talk about her current successes and thanks her for them. She tells her that when she read the script for The New Normal, she envisioned a white woman. The acting coach challenges Nene to find her inner white woman. The next day, Cynthia and Kenya go golfing and Cynthia tells her all that was said about her. Kenya takes this with a grain of salt. Kenya then meets with Ms. Lawrence to talk about Phaedra. Kenya tells him about how she jipped her out of a work out video because she wanted Kenya to work for free. Also, Kenya is upset that Phaedra called her an alcoholic and that she has a chemical imbalance. Ms. Lawrence adds fuel to the fire and says that Phaedra never reveals personal facts about herself to anyone and that Phaedra has actually said bad things about him. 

The ladies gather round at Nene’s events where she has designed her own heel where all the proceeds will go to charity. Kenya arrives to Nene’s event in nothing more than in Phaedra’s Anguilla bathing suit. The shock is expressed in everyone’s faces! To walk in like that to a charity events! It is ridiculous! Nene and Cynthia find it amusing. She begins imitating Phaedra and that does not fly with her. The two exchange heated words. Kenya calls out Phaedra for what she said and Phaedra has no hesitation repeating it to Kenya’s face. The two insult each other’s motives, character, appearance, and even careers! Kenya feels validation in her attack because even though the business deal went south, she did not bad mouth Phaedra but Phaedra did.

Photo Credit: Bravo