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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 12: Battle of the Booty

By: Mr. Housewife
The RHOA episode starts off with Cynthia in the hairstylist competition. The event holds many extravagant hairstyles modeled by beautiful women. Cynthia hands off an award and sits down with Kenya. The ladies discuss the details of the workout video. Cynthia cannot believe that Kenya will create her own work out video called Stallion work out video. We are then taken to Nene’s house where she is back in Atlanta. She is currently babysitting Bri’Asia and building her a mini crib. Next, Kandi heads to the hair salon for some hair therapy. She is informed about Kenya and the Stallion Booty video. Kandi is at a loss of words and quickly calls Phaedra. Phaedra tells Kandi that she is not worried. Kandi believes that Kenya is unorigional and she has no sense of loyalty. She believes that she is a smart business woman but should not rip off her friends’ ideas
Cynthia, Phaedra, and Porsha talk about the donkey booty. Cynthia brings up the Stallion video to Phaedra. She does not seem to be worried about the video. Phaedra tells the ladies that she did not know that Kenya had this side to her. Porsha tells Phaedra that she sure didn’t feel this way when she was going up against Kenya in Anguilla. Regardless, she is happy that she sees her for what she is.Kenya and Kandi take a walk to Kenya’s productions. She took her to her production company because she wanted her to get ideas for Riley’s room. Kandi brought up the donkey video with Kenya. Kenya told Kandi her side of the story. Kandi does not sympathize with Kenya at all because she believes that she is bootlegging Phaedra’s video. On the other hand, Phaedra and Apollo meet with another production company to discuss donkey booty. The producer isn’t to open to the description of a donkey booty but ultimately likes the idea of the video.
Porsha and Phaedra go out to lunch. The two discuss babies and marriage. Porsha tells Phaedra that she had a miscarriage and is scared to try again. The two seem to be getting along. Porsha believes that now that Kenya is out of the equation, she will give Porsha a chance at a friendship. The next day, the ladies attended Cynthia’s fashion show. Kenya believes that Phaedra is playing Porsha like a fool.

Soon after, Kenya tells Nene about the work out tape. She believes that Phaedra does a lot of shady deals and sides with Kenya on the matter. Soon Phaedra joins the conversation and Kenya tells Phaedra that she is doing her own work out tape. Phaedra accuses Kenya of stealing her idea. Kenya tells Phaedra that she does not own the right to work out tapes and she will do a work out tape because she wants to and because she can. Shady shady! Kenya is a loose cannon! What is her problem! Next week, she takes the copycat thing to the next level by imitating Phaedra!

Photo Credit: Bravo