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Recap: RHOA Season 5 - Episode 10: Off the Hook

This episode of RHOA begins with the star of the show Ms. Nene Leakes! Her granddaughter, or should I say glam-daughter, came to visit Nene and Greg. Nene tells us that she found out about little Bri’Asia when Bryson’s gf was six months pregnant.

She said that she was shocked, angry, and excited at the same time.  Nene shares her stories with Bryson about when she was a young mother. She knows that a baby will change him the way a baby changed her. Speaking of babies, we visit Kandi’s house where she is talking to her daughter about school. The conversation turns to Todd and the move in and Riley expresses that she was not open to the idea in the beginning.

Soon Nene introduces Bri’Asia to Cynthia as the two go shopping for baby clothes. Nene tells Cynthia that she had a DNA test done on Bryson and the baby to see if he was really the father. I find this a bit insulting but necessary at the same time. Given Nene’s celebrity status, some crazy people might want to get money whichever way they can! Smart move on Nene’s part! Soon Greg, Nene’s son, and Nene are discussing the move to Los Angeles where Nene will begin filming The New Normal. Greg expresses how happy he is over the fact that they are all moving to LA as a family. Greg takes out their old wedding champagne glasses to toast for the future. Nene soon receives a call from her real estate agent to inform her that her home in LA is ready! She will live among the stars!

Cynthia decides to throw Nene a goodbye party and invite everyone over. The day of the event all the ladies arrive. Phaedra brings Nene a gift which turns out to be a photo of them all in Anguilla. Nene appreciates the gesture and enjoys the rest of the party. Peter pulls Apollo and Greg aside for some man-time. The guys just play cards and take shots. The ladies are all conversing when Kenya says that she has been mistaken for Beyonce. All the ladies looked confused because the resemblance is not that obvious or existent for that matter. To be honest, I kind of feel that everything is going too smoothly. All the ladies, with the exception of Kenya and Porsha, are getting along. This either means that this is the calm before the storm or that there is not much conflict left between the originals.


Kenya takes Walter out on a fishing trip for some alone time because she feels that they are not currently bonding. Kenya brings up the subject of Anguilla and the marriage talk that they had. Walter does not take the matter seriously which angers Kenya. She feels as though something is wrong in the relationship and that is something that Walter is not saying. She brings up the example that she was naked in the shower when Walter just walked in to shower and go out. First of all, this completely emasculated Walter in front of America. Second of all, Walter will put up more of a defense to defend himself against the “non-manly” comments comig from Kenya. In all honesty, Walter is not into Kenya but he does not know how to tell her. Think about it, if he is not turned on when he sees her naked or avoids her it only means that he is just not that into her. If he really did love her or even like her, he would sex her up whenever. If he is avoiding sex with her, it is because he is not attracted to her. Plain and simple! Walter should just tell Kenya and just move on with his life. They are not getting any young

Written by: Mr. Housewife

Photo Credit: Bravo