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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Dana Wilkey

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dana Wilkey. Dana is mostly known for her over the top bubbly personality during her time on the second season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dana talks RHOBH, Dublin Wives, party planning, upcoming projects, and you guessed it, do you know?... “25,000” and much more exclusively to iRealHousewives

iRH: Hi Dana! Welcome to iRealHousewives. How are you?

DW: Fabulous! How are you?

iRH: You've been the go to girl of party planning in Beverly Hills, what’s been some of your favorite event or parties you’ve planned so far?

DW: I rented the RM Elegant, which at the time, was the 17th largest yacht in the world during the Cannes Film festival. I then outfitted the yacht rooms with different vibes of décor and lighting. You had to have a credit card to get on the yacht even if you were invited to the events so it was super exclusive and the talk of Cannesthat year. I had Bruce Willis, Bret Ratnor and Petra Nemcova, etc on the yacht that year. The best party I have ever been to was Monaco Grand Prix ball with Wycliffe and U2.

iRH: How much has your life changed since being on RHOBH?
DW: It has changed my life for the positive and I continue to support the show and fans whenever possible. If you try to shoot and be honest without a filter, it can be a fun experience even if you look like an idiot in the final edit. You must get over all your fears to be on a reality show so it can be an experience that can help you grow as a person also you meet so many amazing people through the opportunities it can provide.

iRH: Do you have any regrets on doing the show?

DW: No, I had a wonderful experience. I love everyone at Evolution, Bravo and all my cast members Except BRANDI (laughs)
iRH: Do you still keep in touch with any of the ladies?

DW: Of course I do but my closest friend is Taylor.

iRH: What made you decide not to return for the third season?

DW: I filmed a few times for season three. I have to see if I make any of the edit! During the time of filming, I was in London most of the time so it didn’t make sense anymore. I always looked at the show as a hobby and not a career focal point.

iRH: Have you watched any of the 3rd season episodes? If so, what are your thoughts on them and the new girls?

DW: Last season was such an anomaly because of all the real drama happening i.e. drug use, suicide and abuse. I don’t think this season could hold a light to it. I’m more into antics then catty bull shit so that’s going to affect my view.

iRH: You released your song “25,000” which you collaborated with Mr. Skulley. How did the idea of the song come about?

DW: Saturday night live made fun of me almost entirely as one of their characters on The Real Housewives of Disney skit last year that they did and they had the character that was most like me do a name dropping song at the end of the skit. I thought that’s freaking hysterical after all the hoopla over Game night and me saying “Valentino Valentino” over and over in the edit. I thought I have to do this for real! I also love partying and had just become single after a lot of drama with my fiancé and thought this is a way to get it out to the world that I am single and fine with making fun of myself while dancing to a good beat.
iRH: I know there were plans on releasing a music video. Is that still in the works?

DW: I told the fans I would only do one if they used it on the show this season somewhere. There was a chance of it we thought because they cleared it and Kim loved that damn song but I don’t think they did yet so it’s on hold. TALK TO BRAVO!

iRH: Any plans of releasing new music in the future?

DW: You never know J I’d like my next song to be called “Hot Mess”

iRH: I know you created a diet supplement product called“Thin Shot” which is currently available on What inspired you to create this product?

DW: ThinShot is my baby and I call it my limitless. I study the brain and have always struggled with my weight. ThinShot was invented from me self-medicating solutions based on brain science and my own experience with vitamins and herbs. I invented it because I was looking for a healthy solution to suppress my appetite, give me energy, enhance focus and get in my system valuable nutrients that I hated taking by pill. It also addresses mild depression and of course the occasional hang over. I like it because it hits you quick, it’s easy and works all day. I release it on Twitter and people were very supportive to it. Bloggers tried it and loved it and we sold 20,000 bottles in a few months on Amazon so I guess we are doing something right. 1 a day is what I take.

iRH: I know you moved to London. Why made you decide to move to London?

DW: I moved to London because I was looking for a fresh start from my Beverly Hills, CA saga. It’s been a rough 6 months. I have always loved London, have businesses there and my new boyfriend and have good friends live there so it seemed like a natural progression of things.
iRH: I know your currently filming a new reality show titled“Rich and Ditched”. Can you tell us the premises of the show?

DW: I have been ditched by my friends in Beverly Hills and my ex fiancé. I am moving to London to start over and hopefully FINALLY find my prince charming. I have 5 people that are both married and single that are all living in London but pretty much all came from some other country that I hang out with and well let’s say the sparks fly on a bunch of fronts…cultural conflict, relationship issues, American fish out of water in London syndrome and the usual cattiness you see on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

iRH: There were rumors floating around that you were going to make a cameo appearance on ‘Dublin Wives” which your friend Virginia Macari stars in. However we never saw your appearance, anything you tell us regarding this?

DW: They asked me to be on the finale because I am friends with Virginia Macari and they thought Danielle and I would hate each other! The scheduling didn’t work for me though so I couldn’t do it. Sorry Dublin!

iRH: Can you tell us what’s next for you?

DW: Next I will be launching ThinShot all over the world, loving my 3 year old as a single mommy and running my 3 companies. As far as for shit and giggles, well that’s the TV stuff and on that front I will be shooting a reality show called Rich and Ditched and hosting a US show where I do crazy stunts (perfect fit right 25000). Who knows you might even see me on Celebrity Big Brother at some point (laughs). That would be so funny! Do I have to go to rehab 1st…just kidding!

iRH: Anything you want to say to your fans?

DW: To my fans, I would say thank you because you have gotten me through a lot of recent difficult times without knowing it and I appreciate you trying to get to know me more than the bits on TV. xx

iRH: Thank you Dana for doing this interview!

DW: Anytime. xx Dana.

Connect with Dana Wilkey:
Twitter: @DanaWilkey
Click Here to Purchase “25,000” on iTunes
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