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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Ex-Wives of Rock: Bobbie Brown

Bobbie Jean Brown is a mother, daughter, friend, model, video vixen and an ex wife of rock. Bobbie is the ex wife of the late Jani Lane and ex girlfriend of Tommy Lee. Bobbie is mostly known for being a video vixen in the 80’s as the “Cherry Pie” girl on Warrant’s music video “Cherry Pie”. Bobbie is more than a video vixen these days; she is now one of the stars on Fuse TV’s new hit show Ex-Wives of Rock. Bobbie talks about the show, her ex husband, and her life and much more exclusively to iRealHousewives

iRH: Hi Bobbie! Welcome to iRealHousewives, how are you?

BB: Great, Thank you!!

iRH: How were you approached to join “Ex-Wives of Rock”?

BB: LorraineLewis contacted me a few years back after seeing me on Do It for the Band: The Girls of the Sunset Strip, saying she and her two partners, Lisa Brucker and Peter Mervis had an idea about ex wives of rock stars and if I would like to meet to discuss interest. I agreed, and we started brainstorming on the idea

iRH: Were you ever hesitant of being on a reality show?

BB: No, not at all it sounded like fun

iRH: Is it true that the show filmed a few years back before being picked by a network?

BB: Actually no, the sizzle or pilot was shot a few years back then was shopped to networks within a year Tricon picked it up in Canadaand sold it to Slice. Then we actually started filming in 2011 the last six months the actual episodes we had originally filmed and had an earlier premiere date but after editing started Tricon really felt strong about the show and saved it for the sweeps in fall when all the new shows came out

iRH: How much has your life changed since doing the show?

BB: Not extremely but somewhat yes, let's say for the better certainly, and optimistic that will continue, hopeful it will.

iRH: I know the show first got picked up in Canada on“Slice TV” and got a great response. What was your reaction when they first told you the show got picked up here (USA) on Fuse TV?

BB: OMG! I cried! I screamed I jumped up and down, I was so thrilled!!

iRH: On the show you mentioned you used to date Tommy Lee (Athena’s brother). How did you and Tommy meet?

BB: I met Tommy through Sharise and an old roommate I was working with in Miami. I was separated from my ex husband and modeling in Miami and Tommy was there actually dating my roommate there, we all hung out and got along great. I came back to California and Sharise called saying someone wanted to meet up with me and it was him. He then confessed that he fell for me in Miamibroke it off with that roommate and wanted to date me

iRH: Before being on reality TV you were a model and a video vixen in the 80’s. How were you discovered as a model?

BB: I was in the Miss Teen USA pageant and was second runner up and my question was "What did I want to pursue?" and I said modeling. The next day I got some calls from prospective agents etc. out here and made arrangements to come meet with them and make some life decisions.

iRH: You are mostly known for being the “Cherry Pie” girl on Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” music video. How was your experience filming that video?

BB: It was a lot of work, long hours, but fun, everyone was very cool with me and I only got irritated with the director, due to disagreements on what I was willing to shoot. Overall a good experience in every aspect, that video changed my life

iRH: How does it feel to be known as the “Cherry Pie” girl by fans till this day?

BB: I’m very flattered always, I love my fans. I get a lot of shit too, people comparing me to my former glory, and truth be told that's hard to compete with. That was over 20 years ago come on!!

iRH: During filming the music video you meet your now ex husband, the late Jani Lane. How would you describe Jani for those who never got the chance to meet him?

BB: Jani was mostly sweet and mild mannered until he drank. He was very intelligent and creative, and gifted. He could be arrogant and smug too. But anyone who met him couldn't say anything bad about him, for when he was sober he could be close to wonderful.

iRH: How does your daughter feel about you being on the show?

BB: My daughter supports whatever I do mostly but she's a very private person as well as my whole family and not so eager to participate

iRH: Will she make an appearance on the show?

BB: I’m not sure I’ve asked but not sure

iRH: I know your writing a book about you're life. When can we expect your book to be released?

BB: Keep watching that's a secret for now, but not too much of a wait, and sooner than you'd think. I promise to promote the ever living crap out of it as soon as I can though

iRH: I must say the show is fun, entertaining and very refreshing to watch compared to other reality shows. Do you watch any reality shows, if so which ones?

BB: Well thank you so much I appreciate that, glad you like us. I don't really watch that much TV, I do however like Cock'd Gunns, I think it's hysterical

iRH: In your own words what makes “Ex-Wives of Rock”different from other reality shows?

BB: The difference I think is clear, we're four women who have known each other for twenty or more years and have remained friends, not four strangers put in a house or faking bonds. What we have is genuine and sincere and you can't fake or force what we are. Also it's completely unscripted everything you see is completely truthful and as it happens. We don't deny the audience anything. And that sometimes can be great or setting ourselves up for serious ridicule and harsh commentary, but you cannot deny it is not real, down to the core.

iRH: Overall did you have fun doing the show?

BB: I absolutely love it! Our entire team, Tricon, the girls, the crew, and the creators, we are like a tight knit family we love we fight we communicate, and I get paid to spend time with my friends and family, you cannot beat that!!

iRH: I know you can’t give out much but what can we expect on the remainder of the show?

BB: It's just about to start getting good, that I can promise you. You will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride till the last second of the last show. You will laugh your ass off and cry your eyes out and beg for more...I promise. At least that's how I feel when I watch it.

iRH: Tell my readers why they should tune in to see “Ex-Wives of Rock”?

BB: First and foremost it's an entertaining show, nothing fake or forced and you will get to know us, no matter how unappealing or shocking we may be. People expect something and get the complete opposite, but you realize we are all just regular people struggling just like everyone else in this world and we're the same making mistakes, being imperfect, looking foolish, and acting a fool (laughs). It's a wild ride, we put everything into it to share with anyone who watches.

iRH: Any upcoming projects that you can tell us?

BB: Keep watching is all I can say for now sorry

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

BB: I absolutely adore my fans, we all do, and we feel a personal connection to all of them as we try to interact with them as much as we can. Thank you for watching and all of your support we love you!

iRH: Thank you Bobbie for doing this interview! Have a great day!

BB: No, thank you baby doll.

Don't forget to watch Ex-Wives of Rock, every Friday at 10:30pm on Fuse TV !

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