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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview with Pilar Sanders

I recently had the opportunity of interviewing Pilar Sanders. Prior to becoming Mrs. Sanders, Pilar was a former high fashion model. The former Football Wives star talks about fashion, health, fitness, and reality TV. Pilar also talks a bit about her current ongoing public divorce with retired NFL star Deion Sanders exclusively to iRealHousewives. 

iRH: Hi Pilar, welcome to iRealHousewives. You have made a name for yourself as a high fashion model doing both print and runway modeling. How you were originally discovered?

PS: I was discovered while walking on the beach with my sister.

iRH: How would you describe your fashion style?

PS: Total Pstyle! (my style) I love fabrics that feel amazing, Hug you in all of the right places and those you can cozy up to. I'm not a person who falls for fads because they fade to fast. Instead I will always be into whatever feels good, looks great and compliments me.

iRH: What are some of your favorite fashion designers?

PS: Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Chanel

iRH: Before doing Football Wives you and Deion had you’re own reality show on Oxygen. How did that come about?

PS: Deion was shopping for his very own show, so one of the producers came to the house to film a day in Deion's life and saw me in the kitchen (where I spent 95% of my time) asked him if they could interview me, Deion loitered around me during the interview and showed out (as he normally does) and they caught my reactions on tape and basically that bantering chemistry sold the family show instead of a show solely about him. hhmmmmm!

iRH: Doing a reality show already, did you had any hesitation doing Football Wives?

PS: Not at all, however I am very skeptical when it comes to the integrity of the production company I would work/co-produce with and of course the intentions, total depth and integrity of the entire cast as well.

iRH: How would describe your experience on VH1's “Football Wives”?

PS: Like eating bad garlic, unfortunately the intangible fetor just haunts you and lurks around ever corner, similar to a never ending 'Night of The Living Dead'.

iRH: I know you’re currently going through a very tough public divorce. Anything you would like to address or comment on this to your fans?

PS: Every one who has lifted myself and children up in prayer and have helped us,.. words alone could never express my sincere gratitude! I thank God for their support everyday and pray that He supernaturally and abundantly blesses all of my family, friends, fans and supporters who've been their for us.

iRH: Any advice you would like give to other women who are currently going through the same situation?

PS: Women should first off know that they are not alone. More women than you could imagine go through this type of unwarranted circumstance which instinctually results in immediate shame and silence. Women often stay and stay silent from fear of their and their children's safety and for their lives! Don't stay silent or isolated stand and fight for what is right, but fight smart (not with violence)

Relentless threats and every type of abuse from emotional, financial, physical, mental to social men and their family/friends usually use to intimidate and control their environment and the people within it. This is what you need to break away from in order to live, become stabilized and to have a chance to fulfill your purpose.

iRH: What has been the hardest part of going through a very public divorce?

PS: The toughest part has been watching my children and my family suffer thru public humiliation, slander, isolation, blatant lies and not be able to do anything about it. For me to stand and fight such a public figure and legend and to fight for my rights, freedom and the truth has been socially accepted at all. Being forced to a position where I have no other choice but to expose and relive very horrible frightening experiences in my marriage to simply prove my sanity or to justify why I lived such a private, closed and greatly misunderstood life is both

iRH: What's the biggest misconception that people have about you?

PS: That I'm mean or stuck up and very serious. In all actuality I'm a big kid and I love having fun and I'm always joking around.

iRH: I know health and fitness is your main motivation and passion besides being a mother. Any quick tips you can give to my readers?

PS: To get in touch and listen to and take care of your body! It tells you everything you need to know!

iRH: Are there any charities that you support?

PS: I am beginning to work with a few Domestic Violence groups and legislation to fight for the rights of women and their children

iRH: Can you tell us what next for you? Any upcoming projects that you can tell us?

PS: Finally living my dreams! I have been and still am in the process of nurturing the seeds God planted in me a while ago. I have so much that has been kept away, but it all will be unleashed very soon.

iRH: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

PS: Kisses, hugs, I love you and thank you and I am hard at work preparing to give them what they've been asking for.....(laughs) :)

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