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Recap: RHOM Season 2 Reunion: Part 1

The Miami Reunion was filmed in New York in an all white set! The ladies looked spectacular and flashy, like they should have! This reunion is completely different than last year. Like every reunion, it began with the plastic surgery talk. Lea said that she has had no work done while Marysol rolls her eyes. The conversation turns to Romain and Joanna and their turbulent relationship.
Joanna explains that she did the trip to Bimini to think about their relationship and the emails. She says that it did not help which led to their break up. Joanna explains that her mother told her to forget the emails if she ever had a chance of moving on. Adriana interrupts and says that Joanna’s relationship is a publicity stunt and she has no business in Miami if Romain is not involved.   

Joanna fires back and says that Adriana is just jealous because she is never in the press. Karent defends Joanna by saying that she was the one that was who was well known before filming began. Adriana calls her a brown-noser because she is always up Joanna’s ass. Andy asks Joanna about her sex life with Romain and she has said that it was above average at best but has dwindled over the years. Adriana attacks Joanna and says that Romain is getting “some” elsewhere because Joanna does not have the only “p**sy” in Miami.
Andy focuses on Karent and explores her relationship with Rodolfo. Karent says that she starts realizing things after Bimini but didn’t want to focus on him because her dad was sick. She says that her father is doing fine and she is no longer with Rudolfo. Ana does say some good words about Karent saying that Rodolfo didn’t deserve her because he is the Mexican Slade. She confirms that he was texting her while he and Karent were together. On another note, Lea’s sense of humor is discussed and how it can be insulting. Lisa confesses that she didn’t like Lea in the beginning but learned to appreciate her humor.
The Marysol and Lea problem is explored. Marysol said that Lea has trashed her for the whole season and has trashed her reputation as well as her business. Lea says that she has tried to talk to Marysol many times but Marysol denies she ever did. Andy suggests that their issue goes beyond the event. Marysol says that her business is everything and she does not appreciate the slanderous remarks. Lea says that just because she says her comments on camera doesn’t mean that Marysol doesn’t say them off camera. Adriana is asked whether she is on Lea’s payroll. Adriana says that even though she does get offended by Lea remarks she brushes them off because Lea has helped her in her greatest time of need Lea. Ana says that Lea is a fraud and is not self made because she has done all her best work on her back.
Joanna’s inner bad girl, Vodka, is discussed.  Joanna says that she becomes more vocal and passionate when she starts drinking. Adriana says that she does have a problem and the truth is in the vine. Joanna denies that she does have a problem. While Joanna becomes vocal and becomes unfiltered when she is drunk, Adrianna is sober and unfiltered. The racism card is played and Adriana and Joanna and they both seem a tad racist. Adriana says that Polish people are just looking for a plate of food to eat. Joanna says the slums of Rio are too good for Adriana. This leads to the slap heard around the world scene between Adriana and Joanna. Adrianna says that she was just defending herself while Joanna says that that was her only relevant moment in the press. Next week, the ladies are joined in by Alexia and Mama Elsa to battle it out with the remainder of the ladies. Next week looks amazing too!!

Written by: Mr. Housewife
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Photo Credit: Bravo