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Recap: RHOM Season 2 Finale - Episode 15: Healing Hole

Hello everyone Happy Holidays! We’ve reached the end of the season of The Real Housewives of Miami! The ladies closed out their Bimini trip by doing a spiritual healing inspired by the one and only Mama Elsa. The ladies threw flowers into the ocean to have the waves flush out their negative energy.
Some were happy, others cried at the end of the day it lead the ladies to make drastic changes into their personal lives. Heading back to Miami we see divorces from both Ana and Marysol, engagements between Adriana and Frederic and also Joanna and Romain. It looks like both couples are planning a wedding in 2013. Lisa and Lenny start planning on remodeling their new mansion in Star Island.

Karent and Rodolfo discuss their relationship via video chat. Karent believes Rodolfo that Alexia’s accusations of him cheating on Karent is a lie as he tells her is only a PR stunt for his acting career. Karent believes Rodolfo and continues to stand by his side.

Marysol plans an anniversary party for her PR business as all the ladies arrive to the anniversary event, Lea sneaks in Elaine Lancaster to surprise everyone with a lip-sync for your life moment! The season ends with a happy ending and a great finale. It comes to show you that not every Real Housewives finale has to end in drama. The finale ends in a good note with having all the ladies getting along however the reunion sneak peek shows otherwise. I can’t wait for the reunion!!

Written by: iRealHousewives
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