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Recap: RHOM Season 2 - Ep. 12: Parents Fly South

Lisa’s in-laws arrive in town to visit and she isn’t exactly that excited. Lenny let’s Lisa know he is going to be late coming home from work and Lisa is left to greet his parents. Lisa looks less than thrilled. By the looks of it, Lisa’s mother in law loves Dayse, so that made it easier for Lisa. But then again who doesn’t love Daysy? I know I do!

Looks like Lisa’s mother in law wants to be a grandma. I have a feeling Lisa’s mother in law can add pressure of her being a mom but I may be wrong. Lisa invites all the ladies and their parents over for a feast. We see all the mothers interact and I must say I loved it. All the mothers are immigrant which is why it makes this country more beautiful. Me personally, I would of loved to see more of Mama Elsa and all the mothers interact with each other. I just can imagine all the hilarious things that they would talk about lol!
I must say my favorite part of the episode was Lisa’s toast to America. It was so beautiful, loved it as much as I love her. Mama Krupa is in town visiting her daughters. Mama Krupa and Marta get a wake up call from Joanna and Romain as they just up and down in their bed trying to wake them up in which they succeed. It was a fun moment. Romain ends up hugging all the Krupa clan like a big happy family. And once again Romain made my TV steamed… he is such a hottie right?
Mama Krupa lets Joanna know the reason why she may have issues with Romain is because of her drinking and we learned she has daddy issues. This scene made me tear up and we get to understand why Joanna is the way she is. She had to help raise her sister and comfort her mom after her father left them which made Joanna very strong and at times too strong. Side note: Joanna looks gorgeous with or without make up!
Lastly we meet Adriana’s in laws. Straight from Paris to Miami, Adriana was busy planning her in-laws 50th wedding anniversary. At the end of the night, the party was a success and ended with a bang as Adriana surprised them with some Brazilian dance moves and spiced it up. Next week see the ladies head to Bimini for vacation, relaxation and DRAMA!! Can’t wait!!
Written by: iRealHousewives
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