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Recap: RHOBH Season 3 - Episode 7: Oy, Faye!


The Panther is back! The screaming continues in the Hills of Beverly with the Maloofs and Brandi. After Brandi made slanderous comments about Adrienne and Paul, she is confronted by them. Adrienne and Paul storm off, furious at Brandi. Kyle tries to speak to Adrienne while Camille tries to speak to Kim. Kyle thinks that Kim should have not said anything at the event. Kim feels that Adrienne had a right to know because it was about her family. Kyle, Camille, and Kim discuss what just transpired.

Camille does not understand how Brandi could turn on Adrienne after she tried to defend her last season.  Taylor and her irrelevant friend defend Brandi and think that Paul should not have gotten in Brandi’s face.  Kyle and Camille become irritated with Taylor when she alludes to the fact that nothing good comes from revealing person information like Camille did with her last season. I do agree with Camille, she tried to help Taylor. Brandi tried to hurt someone with her comment. Kyle scolds Brandi for opening her mouth and saying what she said. Brandi feels justified because she states that it is true while Kyle says that it is malicious gossip.

On a lighter note, Lisa is a personal nurse for Ken while he recovers from his hip surgery. Lisa calls him a baby but still consoles her hubby. Kim is in Pilate’s class and discusses her upcoming Vegas trip for her son! She recognizes that this could be dangerous but she sets up meetings to remain sober. Back at Kyle’s house, Kyle and Mauricio discuss her upcoming dinner party. He is disgusted that Brandi is attending because he is turned off by her behavior. I think Mauricio has every right to feel angry. They agree not to disinvite her and remain cordial towards Brandi. 

Kyle and Faye meet for lunch and they discuss the events that happened at Mauricio’s event. Faye is not surprised that Brandi was in the middle of the drama. Because of what Kyle has said to Faye, Faye does not like Brandi. Kyle invites Faye to the dinner party. Lets see how this turns out! If we know our dinner parties from Beverly Hills, we know that they never end well. Brandi visits Lisa to discuss the horror that was Mauricio’s event. Brandi tells Lisa that Paul got in her face and called her bitch repeatedly. From the look on Lisa’s face, you can tell she is really bothered and hurt by the news.
It is the night of the dinner party and only Lisa, Camille, Brandi, and Faye attend. We finally meet Marisa Zunick! She is a friend of Kyle Richards and she joined the ladies for the partaaay. Everything begins smoothly but ends badly. Adrienne inattendance is addressed at the table and Brandi wonders why she is there with them and not Adrienne since Adrienne is closer to the ladies. Marisa very innocently asks “what happened?” which unleashes the hell gates. Faye questions Brandi’s motives for saying such a hateful comment and goes after her. She defends Adrienne because she has known Adrienne for a very long time. Lisa speaks in favor of Brandi and is quickly met with opposition from Kyle who resent Lisa’s inability to see Brandi’s actions as wrong. Lisa and Brandi don’t see why Faye is getting involved. Marisa jumps to Brandi’s defense but is shut down by Faye. Brandi decides that she has had enough and walks away from the table. Things are heating up in Beverly Hills! Looks like next time Brandi talks to the woman who brought down her marriage! Until next time tweety pies!

by: Mr. Housewife
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